March 2005
March 2

Open letter to Aghdashloo

This is an open letter to Ms. Shohreh Aghdashloo, Iranian actress, following her role in the TV series 24 and also her recent controversial interview which made her image even worse among Iranian community. In fact since then, there have been numerous unanswered questions in my mind and since in her recent interview she pointed out that she regularly visits iranian.com and enjoys molana poem translations here, I thought maybe I could use your wonderful website for putting forward my questions to her?

When I first heard about her acting in 24 I could not believe my ears. What happened to the lady who proudly announced to the press so many times that she would never ever play a terrorist from the middle east ? How could someone change colors so rapidly? And of all countries, Iran and Iranian suppressed women? In fact I, as a woman feel doubly betrayed. At home we are second citizens and suppressed systematically and now the picture that this woman is bringing to American families of Iranian women, is a cold-blooded murderer and bomber who does not show mercy even on her son's teenaged girl friend. Thank you ms. aghdashloo for making all of us feel so invaded and void deep in our hearts.

In her interview with the notorious los angeles TV personality she wanted to make everything all right by saying new things but unfortunately she made it worse and actually added insult to injury. 1- she said the woman on 24 is not Iranian but moselm. Her exact words are "While all moslems are not terrorists, all the terrorists are moslems".

I do not know what kind of sick mind would ever think like that and announce it on a public media. There are and have always been non-moslem terrorist organizations all around the globe, like Sin fein in Northern Ireland, Bask separatists in Spain , ASALA Iin turkey, Tamil Tigers of Ilam in Sri Lanka ..... jsut to name a few.

2- The reason for the son of the terrorist family's name to be Behrooz is that the director of the film used ot know Behrooz Vosooghi in one or two occasions, and Behrooz had invited him to his house and bought CHELO KABAB !!!!! and Iranian ice-cream for him and the memory lingered in his mind for more than 26 years!!!! Then one day the director tells Shohreh you know what I want to do ? I am going to call the son in the film Behrooz to appreciate that old friendship with Iranian legendary actor Behrooz Vossoughi!!!!!!

Have you ever heard a more rediculous explanation? To celebarate one's lifetime achievements his name is put on some sick, killer terrorist in a movie seen by millions every week. It just reminds me of the fact that Islamic Republic TV put all Iranian and Zartoshti names on criminals in its corny TV series just to destroy their images in the socitey. In all those movies the names of criminals and mobsters are Rostam, Ardeshir, Kourosh, but the names of good people are Ali, Javad, hassan ....

3- Immidiately after these childish claims Ms. Aghdashloo says this insulting Iranian proverb. CHOOBO KE BAR MIDARI GORBE DOZDE FARAR MIKONE

In fact contratry to her claims of being an intellectual and an educated person she shows all of us her small knowledge and lack of social manners. She is actually telling us "hey you terrorist Iranian women, now that I have disclosed your intentions all of you are suddenly angry at me."

4- Like all her previous appearances before Iranian media she could not control her deep feeling of jealousy toward the legendary Persian Diva Googoosh and Ms. Aghdashloo in this interview attacked her all over again. I thought about things that Googoosh may have done to Aghdashloo in the past but I could not remember a thing. Her strong feeling toward our lovely diva comes from a deep-rooted jealousy that can never be healed without seeing a doctor.Her jelousy toward Googoosh is something obvious which is wonderfully albeit aitterly, shown by a cartoonist in Iranian.com called Nima.

Dear Ms. Aghdashloo, Googoosh has never talked about you or given any opinion regarding your career and there is no way you can damage her image among her fans. Just look at the outpouring of emotions in the Get-Well-Soon messages in this very website. Your strong feeling toward Googoosh comes from the fact that you have realized the bitter reality that you can never ever be able to gain her popularity and legendary stature.

5- Ms. Aghdashloo in her interviews with American media claims that she has been fighting for human rights in her country for the past 25 years. Oh come on, what have you actually done for the human rights in your country. Playing as an Iranian female terrorist, or a woman whose only job is to bring tea, chop onions and mop the floor or those common place, absurd plays you used to play with your hubby? Dear Ms. Aghdashloo, for God's sake do two things. First, pick up a book and read and learn things because apparently you are not as educated as you always claim and kill all of us with your selfish recounting of your education. An education that nobody know what it is.

Second, please do something for your terrible jealously againt googoosh manners and if you don't want to see a psychiatrist, at least control it before the mass media. Always remember that regardless of the fact that the two of you are the same age, but she started her career 20 years sooner than you and is your PISHKESVAT in every sense. She started acting at the age of 8 and you at twenty four. Remember it?

Mind you, sometimes God decides to give a lesson to his men. In the movie House od Sand and Fog, Shohreh Aghdashloo, Googoosh's number one enemy had to play Nadi, someone who loves Googoosh and find solace in her songs and music.

In fact in that movie you took a big bow toward our lovely Googoosh without ever knowing it yourself.

San Jose


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