March 2005
March 5

Appreciate our superstars

In response to Peyvand Khorsandi's "Beg to differ":

Dear Peyvand,

I can't believe how you could use a few paragraphs completely irrelevant to each other to justify Aghdashloo's sick behavior on TV the other night regarding Googoosh. It does not matter if she had actually recieved that Oscar last year, but she has done something really below her dignity, totally irritating and on purpose to draw blood.

-First Googoosh has never wanted to be a God or anything that you may have in mind. Actually she has repeatedly said that "I am just a singer and actress and will always remain so." Her coming back to the stage back in the year 2000 was by no means "caving in to her craving for adoration" as you suggest. It was a long forsaken love for the stage and performing that had been suppressed for more than two decade. And in that wonderful adventure she was not alone. Thousands of Iranians who filled sport arenas embraced her with open arms. Crowds that no other artist could ever gather before. She did not want to live in her fans' imaginations, she wanted to be there with them, although people like Aghdashloo prayed day and night that she would never come out of isolations. But she did to major disappointment and chagrinof Aghdashloo and the like.

-Secondly Aghdashloo has been systematically attaching Googoosh for some unknown reason. She is just looking for something to pick on her whenever she is in front of Iranian TVs. No matter what has the interviewer asked her,she would always find a way to point her sward to Googoosh for a few minutes. If you had seen the interview that night you would see for yourself that the question put forward ot her was totally unrelated to the answer given by her. And what makes her behavior more disgusting was that the interviewer was the same guy who had inflicted so much pain on Googoosh. In fact she was interfering into a legal battle in which she had no authority but at the same time issues a verdict to please the other party.

And what is so irritating in it all is this word SAVAD. Oh my God, she never stops reminding us of all those class she has taken and the unknown degree she has. Just search for her interviews on the net or see some her talk show appearances. Almost in all of them she talk about her education. Ok Ms. BASAVAD. SO WHAT?


In your opinion, "in career terms, Googoosh has already spent her best years". Would you please tell us on what information are you giving us this childish remark? Would you please tell us your authority to decide whose career has ended and whose has just begun? Who are you to decide about the career of a megastar who still is the number one artist of that country. Something admitted by friends and foes.

Did you know that the role on the "House of Sand and Fog" was first suggested to Googoosh but she refused it? Ask Ms. Aghdashloo herself and she will tell you.

The writer of the book who was aware of the legend of Googoosh, and had mentioned her name in his book several times insisted on having her but Googoosh did not accept that. As long as I know for two reasons, first she had started acting on the primary role at the age of 8 and would never act as supporting actress to anyone, and second she would never go for screen test and saw it below her dignity. SHE SAID NO TO HOLLYWOOD. The same Mr. Amirghasemi had told this story on his TV so many times too before breaking up with Googoosh and turning into an enemy.

Did you listen to her new songs or have you been to one of her come-back concerts? If so can't you see her voice is stronger, more delicate and beautiful than ever? Her choice of words, music and arrangements are truly amazing. She gives birth to a new masterpiece with her phenomenon talents whenever she creates a new song. I know one American Jazz artist who follows her career and knows her and respects her. If you seach for Googoosh on the net you will see things like these happening many times.

Did you know that Googoosh's latest album was printed 22 times just after one month of release and it broke the record of Iranian albums ever? Did you know that Googoosh had a contract with Universal in her pocket before signing with Caltex? Why do you think an American reputable company , Nederlander does not want to leave her alone? Do you know that her fee in the present contract with Nederlander is $ 150,000 for each gig? Do you know Gypsy Kings gets only $75,000. But she still does not want to go ahead with that contract until the two charlattans are out. How much do you think are the wages of other superstars like Dariush and Ebi? Now tell me Who has spent her best years.

Do you know the depth of her popularity? Do you know how many websites and weblogs are dedicated just to Googoosh? Just start searching her name in Google or other search engines and see for yourself. There are actually sites dedicated to "Googoosh Links". Do you know how many photos of Googoosh are there on the net. Or in the scrapbook of Iranians from all ages and all walks of life? Or posted on their bedroom walls? Do you know that anything with her name in it will sell in a jiffy? Just tell me who is going to remember Aghdashloo ten years from now?

And as for Aghdashloo's jealousy toward Googoosh, you admitted to it when you said "Perhaps history might at least credit Aghdashloo with tickling Googooshís disciples -- over which she has no control". Yes Aghdashloo has no control over her feeling toward Googoosh. It is that feeling of heaviness in her throat that makes her voice harsh, and her eye sparke with rage whenever she thinks about the diva. Just thinking that what may happen if Googoosh does not say no to Hollywood next time, brings tears to her eyes and makes her palms wet. Baby this uncontrolale feeling you have mentioned in your letter is called jealousy.

And history has already decided about Googoosh. She is one of the only four Iranians whose life story can be found on Encyclopedia Brittanica and book like "House of Sand and Fog" have admitted her legend, actresses like Aghdashloo should play an 8 minute role, acting as a woman whose only idol in life is Persian Diva Googoosh.

There is sad feeling deep inside me that tells me what have we Iranians done to be so miserable? Why can't we have superstars like the free world and enjoy and appreciate them? Why all Iranian artists die of hunger? Why some people like Aghdashloo should think Googoosh was much better if she had stayed in the darkness of her house and rotten there?

Gari Gardner


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