March 2005
March 5

Dare to compare?

In response to Peyvand Khorsandi's "Beg to differ":

I simply do not understand the point that “Peyvand Khorsandi” is trying to make by comparing the Persian diva GOOGOOSH with a politician pres. Khatami and amateur actress Shohreh Aghdashloo. On the other hand the writer claims that since the era for Googoosh is over! So therefore it is OK to talk ill of her!

There are few aspects in the letter that are contradicting.

First of all it is exactly our point that Mrs. Aghdashloo has only stared her carrier at the age when she should be retiring and therefore is in no place to take a critical position in damning long highly performed Googoosh who has showed her highly admired acts and music within Iran as well as internationally.

If Mrs. Aghdashloo has only been nominated for Oscars once Googoosh virtually owned the San Remo festival in 1973 and aside from wining awards 7 out of 14 songs that was released in the “San Remo 1973” was that of hers.

Even going with the claim that Googoosh’s carrier is finished which is contrary to her sold out concerts and record breaking CDs on its own does not give one the right to forget about her glorious past and her amazing art of performing, acting and singing. I do not see any American criticize Elvis’ work just because he has long died!! Such poor reasoning for such poor actions on Mrs. Aghdashloo’s behalf is simply being arrogant.

The contradicting aspect of this letter is the fact that the writer admits to the fact that Mrs. Aghdashloo is just a beginner yet she dares to compare her to the Persian DIVA Googoosh! She also compares Googoosh to a politician that has only been known to the public when he was nominated for his political position. On the other hand Googoosh incomparably has grown with the public and within the public eyes!

The fact of the matter is that one can not compare the two and as every one is well aware the mass media of the world; (Time, The associated press, CNN, BBC, the New York times, Reuters, Chicago Tribune, the Washington Post, etc.) Have been comparing Googoosh to “Celine Dion, Barbara Streisand, Madonna, Elvis Presley” and it is utterly preposterous to be comparing Googoosh to someone who you claim to be a beginner in her carrier.

The bottom line is that there was no reason and there is no need for Mrs. Aghdashloo to have said that Googoosh does not have public manners and that Googoosh does not have proper education and accusations of such. If she considers herself to be of highly educated well behaved actress then she should be acting like one (at least!).

We have a saying in Farsi: “derakht harche baresh bishtare saresh paeentare” which is not the case with Mrs. Aghdashloo.

Ali Anari


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