August 2006
August 14

Islam still has a far cleaner record

In response to Amil Imani's "Useful idiot":

Although I do agree with some of the points that you made in your letter about the misconducts of Islamic societies, but I am afraid I should inform you that you are only looking at one side of the problem and concentrating only on small part of a much bigger picture.

As dangerous as a "useful idiot" might be, it is no match for an "Idiot in Denial".

An idiot in denial is one who is always looking for escape goats, never takes his/her share of responsibility and look for a simple solution to very complex social problems.

This type of person refuses to look at the whole picture and is always ready to be taken for a ride by other people's propaganda and never bothers to think for himself.

Of course there are problems with Islam and its followers today but this is not limited only to Islam.

One Just needs to look at the problems in Middle East today to see that most of the killings and inhuman behaviours are being committed by the followers of Christianity and Judaism.

From Iraq to Palestine and from Lebanon to Afghanistan, they are the ones who mostly bomb and kill children and commit most rapes and crimes against humanity. Now if you do not believe me just have a look at the reports provided by the Red Cross, Amnesty International and UN, and for god sake remember to change your TV channel from FOX News

To me it seems so naïve for a person to see the world as either black or white. That we either should accept all the misconduct of Islamic societies and their governments and all the injustice and crimes that takes place under the name of Islam as true definition Islam or throw all Muslims into the sea and reject their right to exist or choice of religion altogether

First of all let me inform you that as a direct victim of extremism I am opposed to any type and form of it, being Islamic communist or capitalism. It is also worth to mention that I am not a Muslim although I think like any other ideologies it has valuable points to contribute into a secular and modern society. But the trick is not to let it run into extreme. Like any other aspect of human life and society, it is very important that any religion should not be taken out of proportion and no extremist view should be accepted from or accommodated by their followers.

We should also consider that Islam is still going through its evolutionary stages and it has to do this in spite of interference from the west and everybody else who never hesitate to take advantage of it and stir it toward extremism when ever it has suited their purpose, or manipulating people and religions for their own financial and political gain.

Also remember that Islam still in its fourteenth century comparing to 21st century of the Christianity or 3rd millennium of Judaism whose followers still commit as much crimes as Muslims if not more. The only deference is that they manage to hide, deny or legitimise it better by giving it fanciful names such as "war on terror" or struggle for liberty and security.

Also considering the track record Christianity and Judaism, Islam still has a far cleaner record. When one considers things like Crusades, Spanish Inquisition, prohibiting of science and studying by mid evil church, killing and burning people on accusation of witchcraft or more importantly prosecution of scholars and scientists such as Galileo by the church, just because they were stating the plain scientific facts, Christianity and the west have a far darker track record. In fact in the case of Galileo he was not recognised by the catholic church until 2006 when the new pop has issued him an statement of pardon instead of an apology, as if after all these years they still believed that he has done something wrong and they only forgave him out of their own grace.

Even comparing to 20th century Europe, U.S, Soviet Union or China and criminal activities of Israel, still Islam has got a much better track record.

When you consider the killing of millions of Jews and gipsies in Nazi concentration camps or killing millions of Japanese by US during nuclear attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, or the death, destruction and rapes that where committed by Americans in Vietnam, Cambodia and Korea, and not to mention the current Israeli crimes against humanity in Lebanon and occupied territories, and the killing of defenceless women and children of Lebanon or (in case you need to be reminded of) the shameless announcement by the Israel army and its soldiers that: and I quote "in this war there are no civilians and everybody is a target", you can see the other religions or nationalities do not have a cleaner record either.

Also if I wanted to talk about the British and European colonialism and all the crimes committed by the west and followers of other religions (mainly Christianity), in Africa, Asia, South America, and Middle East I have to write you several book and it is really out of the scope of this article

In your article you have rightly condemned Islamic fundamentalism but without wanting to consider how it came to be, and who was the real designer behind it. This monster was the child of western policies to ensure their victory against communism.

In case you have forgotten it was U.S and Europe who supported and armed Osama Bin Laden and al Queda in their fight against Soviets in Afghanistan in order to stop the spread of communist in Middle East. And I assure you that it was not for free or out of the goodness of their hearth

Perhaps you have forgotten the support that the west and specially US and U.K gave to Mr Khomeini, just because they wanted to destroy OPEC and have cheap oil and in the meantime stop the spread of communist it the Middle East. Have you forgotten all that Islamic fundamentalism bullshit that was pumped into Iran by radios such as BBC, VOA, France and even Israel? In fact it was France who gave Khomeini shelter and supported him

The fact that Islam was used as a tool for the western or mullahs criminal activities is really insignificant comparing to the scale of their criminality.

It is always the crime and criminal who are on trial and not the tools and weapon. As the same rule applies in any murder or a crime trial, where no one in his or her right mind will prosecute the knife or the gun for committing the murder. As you have heard guns do not kill people, people kill people. Exactly the same thing applies to Islam or any other religion that the radicalised people in any ideology are the ones who commit these act and not the ideology itself.

Furthermore noting is more effective in radicalising people than the feeling of injustice, frustration, anger and helplessness in what is happening to them.

It is very easy to sit in our fancy offices or luxury apartments half way round the world in U.S or Europe, only observing the news from a distance and condemning or approving other people's act but I would like to see you condemning fundamentalism or terrorist and talking about western civilisation and democracy when your two month old child was crashed to death by American provided weapons in an Israeli air attack or if your family were murdered by a bunch of drunken American solders and your 14 years old sister or daughter were gang raped by these same drunken tugs.

A bomb is a bomb regardless of it being carried by a suicide bomber or being dropped from a ten million dollar airplane and a murderer is a murderer regardless of whether he is in a dirty turban sitting in a cave in Afghanistan or in an Armani suit sitting in the White House. Now if you cannot see passed the shell of physical appearance and into the substance then you seriously need revaluate your standards and more importantly examine you head.

With regards to your comments on political Islam, well hello where have you been all these years. If you had bothered to join the rest of us on the planet earth you could easily see that other religions are no less political than Islam. One only needs to have a look at the conservative policies of George W Bush's government or the Idiotic, inhuman and criminal actions of Israeli government who thing Jews and Israelis are the only people with right to life and somehow they have the right to capture all middle east, to see that this is an epidemic amount the followers of all religions

So as you can see religious psychos are not only limited to Islam and in fact there are more crimes committed by the Christian and Jewish extremist psychos than their Muslim counterparts

As far as your comments about lying is concerned I am afraid as much as it hearts to admit this is one of the lesser than perfect qualities of our nation whether we like it or not.

We cheat deceive and still from each other whenever we can and this applies to the Iranians both inside and outside the country regardless to their political or religious back ground.

Furthermore all the western wealth and power was accumulated by lying and cheating and stealing other countries assets and killing their people. Hence they would be the last one to give anybody a lecture about honesty.

Although some people might have been blinded by the artificial glamour and looks and deception of democracy in west when one observes thoroughly and examine it more closely it does not appear as all that it claims to be

As it can be observed that in the west as well as any other society there is an illusive and powerful minority with enough wealth and power to control all aspects of people's life from the products they chose to news they hear and even the candidates they get to vote for. These are the big cooperation who at the end decide who get to the white House (by investing on their campaign) or what laws and treaties are past by U.S or blocked in the UN (by calling back that favour when due). The rest is just a smoke screen to hide the fact and give people a comfortable view.

Also it was my personal experience and observation most of people in the western society do not know and more importantly do not care about the core political processes in their own country and even less about what is going on in the world. The fact that programs such as Big Brother or top of the pop and sport events get more publicity and audience than documentaries on war in Middle East or politicians question time is a self testament to this fact. All these people are inserted in is the amount of money that they can make, the price of petrol and goods and the interest rate on their mortgage or credit cards. They usually are so consumed by their personal lives that never bother to pay attention to the big picture. So as long as their governments let these babies to have their bottles they are happy and do not care about how they got it or what was the prise paid by the others.

The rest is just is a deception and a smoke screen for the "idiot in denial" so that they can think that they are living in a real democracy or have any power to make a difference.

In conclusion I should say that I really think it is about time for all of us to take responsibility for our own actions and stop looking for escape goats. We cannot blame Islam for all our problems as much as we cannot put all the blame on the west even though the western conspiracies have played and are still playing a significant rule in our misfortunes. We cannot wash our hands of our own responsibility and the role that each of us played in assuring the success of these conspiracies and in all these Islam was just a tool.

A tool on its own cannot be good or evil and one cannot condemn a tool for the criminal act that it has been used for. It is unrealistic, stupid and most importantly it diverts our attention from the main cause of problem.

Bruce Roshanravan


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