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    April 22, 1999

    Christian Holy War

I read Mr. Tehranian's comments about the genocidal war of extermination being carried out by the Serbs ["Why Kosovo?"]. His ability to meticulously manuever around the facts about the horrendous atrocities being carried out against Muslim women and children is a disgusting, yet masterful, example of obfuscation. Bravo!

Mr. Tehranian is obfuscating. It is NOT a "tragic loss of opportunity for peace." It is Christian terrorism. That's right, it is Christian Holy War. It is a Crusade. Do we have the courage to see reality as it is. Children as young as five years old and their mothers are being raped and their throats are being cut because they are Muslims. I thought you might want to know. It's Christian terrorism. If terrorism is wrong, then why the silence about Christian terrorism.

A brief account of the events of the last ten years domonstrates the horrible reality that is unfolding and how the events are covered, even as we speak.

There is no such thing called "ethnic cleansing." Not very long ago, in the early 1990s when the Serbian Christians were stepping up their genocidal war of extermination against Muslims, a dilemma arose.

At this time, the Western media, academia and polliticians were meticulously following the policy of branding any Muslim, anywhere in the world, who dared to protect his life and property, as a "terrorist" or "Islamic terrorist." This was the equivalent of Hitler describing his Jewish victims as 'criminals.' This is the old trick of blaming the victim. This propaganda phrase was part and parcel of the Western media war of nerves against Islam and Muslims.

But in the early 1990s with Serbian Christian genocide in full swing in Bosnia, this Hitlerian propaganda phraseology-'Islamic terrorist'- was in danger of being exposed. The Western media and politicians were now finding themselves in a very uncomfortable position. They had been attacking Islam and Muslims by slander. But now the world could see who was committing terrorism. The world was being horrified by Serbian Christian terrorism in Bosnia while the West was trying to keep silent.

Yet, the Western media and politicians knew that the Serbian Christian genocidal war of extermination against the innocent people of Bosnia had to be explained and described to the public. It was rather difficult, even for the Western media, to deny for ever the wholesale slaughter of hundreds of thousands of women and children in the heart of Western 'civilization.'

How would the West describe the crimes that were being committed against Muslims?

The West knew they did not want to call it by its real name-Christian terrorism. So they concocted a euphemism-"ethnic cleansing"- a phrase that 'explains' and 'describes' without exposing or offending the Christian terrorists.

As a result of meetings between the Serbians and the State Department of the the United States in the early 1990s, it was agreed that from then on, Serbian Christian terrorism will be called "ethnic cleansing." This pandered sufficiently to both racism and anti-Islam bigotry without being too obvious. The vast resources of the Western media and academia immediately began chanting the mantra.

The phrase "ethnic cleansing" is a grand deception. This phrase is cunningly concocted to provide cover for Serbian Christian terrorists while they are carrying out their crimes against humanity. And at one and the same time "ethnic cleansing' is a code word. The connotations of the word "cleansing" in Christian history and doctrine is not unknown to all- anyone who is not a Christian must be exterminated or 'cleansed' from the face of the earth. These outdated Christian dogmas are not being challenged by the media or academia.

The silence of Mr. Tehranian and many other members of the media and academia about the horrendous atrocities that are being carried out against the innocent Muslim men, women and children of Kosovo raises many troubling questions. It is abundantly clear that when the victims are Muslims, silence and abfuscation are the unannounced policy of the media and academia. Mr. Tehranian, how long do you plan on maintaining your silence?

Ali Sadri

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