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    December 29 1998

If you read carefully

Dear Ataollah,

Thanks for your comments on my paper ["Cyber clash"]. Please be assured that this article was not intended to make any generalizations about Iranian youth. If you read carefully, I have tried to qualify this research, my conclusions and my interviews, and by no means do I present this as scientific "data" on the whole of Iranian young people:

"By no means do the results of this questionnaire claim to represent the entire generation of Iranian youth; instead, it is only meant to give a microscopic sample of some of the ideas and attitudes of young Iranians."

This project was done for a class on Clash of Civilizations and included eight Iranian young men on the internet who were chosen for the sole reason that they had online access and joined chatrooms. I realize that this is a very elite group of young people and is not representative of the population. This is not a grand social experiment as you talk about and I fully appreciate your views regarding the "clash of civilizations" debate; this is an important global debate with many different and valid viewpoints from around the world.

Also, I am aware that despite one's best efforts, a degree of subjectivity always plays a role in any analysis. Finally, I would be happy to provide you with my questionnaires, however, I do ask for you not to share them freely with others. Please feel free to contact me at <>.

Best Wishes

Dokhi Fassihian

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