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    February 19, 1999

    People deserve what they asked for

This is in response to your reader's reponses to the 1979 survey. Oh, do I have a bone to pick with your writers!

Many of your contributors were mostly correct in saying that the revoluiton did not achieve it's goals, the molla's being criminal, etc. But what most Iranians in genreal don't seem to accept is that they were making a huge mistake by pinning their hopes of a better Iran on the mollas from the beginning!! How could you think that mollas, with their demented, uneducated way of thinking, improve Iran and bring it into the 20th century? No, the monarchy was not the answer, but how could one ever think that a theocracy would ever help Iran??

Having a revolution just because people wanted change was STUPID!!! Now what did that achieve??? Now we have a corrupt, inept government that murders and kills for enjoyment, steals, rapes and discourages any form of dignified humanity. Iranians are still stuck on the notion of conspiracy theories when what they should be doing is looking at themselves for answers. Iranians are to blame, no one else!!!

Iranians in Iran deserve everything they asked for. They were stupid enough to think that anything Islamic would be the solution or that a democracy would somehow form. Religion and politics don't mix, that's true, but this should have been realized 20 years ago!!!! What were Iranians thinking?! Not with their brains of course! And I laugh everytime I hear women in Iran claim they have women in the Majlis and the West does not. Wake up ladies, the West (America) has had lawyers, prosecutors, senators, representatives, and judges for the longest time. More proof that their views have been cultivated by the repressed media presented to them from the Islamic government.

Mollas are obviously the lowest from of scum on this earth, but I fully lay the blame on Iranians for bringing them to power, NO ONE ELSE. Religion was never the answer, leave that to the Arabs. Our traditions and culture go deeper than Islam ever will. Democracy will never fully be realized until Iranians change their way of THINKING. Having Islam connected to Iran is an insult. I consider myslef an Iranian, never a Moslem!!! The day will come when mollas will be running for cover when their so-called stupid revolution falls apart. I will personally see to it that I try to get my hands on as many of them as possible and eliminate them from this earth. They have tainted Iran and our pride beyond repair. But do not blame the Shah, the West, Britain, just ourselves. Wake up Iran and smell your own rice. The answers are with us. Work together and don't fight amongst each other. Be proud of your culture and heritage, NOT ISLAM, and try not to repeat the same stupid views and actions of the 70's.


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