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A Short Note on Dr Schirin Amir Moazami, Professor in the Institute of Islamic Studies

Schirin (Shireen) Amir Moazami is an Iranian Professor who lives in Berlin, Germany.   Her Life Story: After having studied Political Sciences, Sociology and Social Work at Universities in Frankfurt/Main, Marseille, Paris and Berlin, Professor Amir-Moazami earned a PhD at the European University In ... Continue reading »

MSNSelectedArticles: One Song & Many Voices (Pt 4): Sufficient/ Enough for us

 In the Part One of these series noted that in the history of Iranian music, there are lots of songs with many voices. The song of "Maa ra Bass", which is translated literally in English as "Sufficent" or "it is enough for us", may be marked and remembered as one of those songs. The song has been pe ... Continue reading »

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