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Don Quixote’s Iranian bomb
Lies about nuclear bomb making capabilities

June 24, 2003
The Iranian

After seeing a few windmills, Don Quixote says: “Look over there, friend Sancho Panza, where more than thirty monstrous giants appear. I intend to do battle with them and take all their lives. With their spoils we will begin to get rich, for this is a fair war, and it is a great service to God to wipe such a wicked brood from the face of the earth.”

Cringe if you think this sounds awfully familiar. Simply change the word “monsters” for “nuclear weapons” and you get Don Quixote resurrected in the form of official U.S policy toward Iran. In this case however, Sancho is the embodiment of the American weak-willed media and its sheepish audience. They adore the stories being feed to them and believe earnestly in their nation’s journey to right the world's wrongs (notably in countries that have oil). If there were a Gallup poll in Don Quixote's time, rest assured our wretched old Sancho would have given his chief an 80% approval rating for a job well done.

What is interesting though, is the target of this propaganda blitz. The U.S domestic market is already doped with the help of official party organs of the government, notably NBC and the New York Times. These days the Europeans do not trust a single word, even if they are told that the earth is round. The Arabs are still numb from the fall of their darling uncle Saddam. And finally the people of Iran are still in a hangover from that nifty 1953 coup and surely are in no mood to be shocked and awed by the fury of the 3rd Infantry Division under the pretext of being “liberated”.

Our wacky old man of La Mancha; like so many of his contemporaries in the Pentagon’s Strategic-Information Office, is a multifarious man, an imaginary champion of the oppressed, and edgy to perform chivalrous deeds by doing battles against monsters (i.e. nuclear weapons).

Sure Iran has a nasty little government that from time to time has peculiar delusions of grandeur. Obviously the U.S can install “democracy” if so wished. Nobody doubts that beside the dim-witted Jacques Chirac. Yet the preposterous arguments made today by the U.S that Iran is making atomic weapons, forces everyone to simply wink and smile nervously as one does in the presence of an eccentric older gentleman as he recounts his exploits after the discovery of Viagra.

Do the current rulers of Tehran deserve a break? Absolutely not. Does the grassroot, pro-democracy student movement deserve our support? Sure it does. Yet the lies about Iranian nuclear bomb making capabilities framed as news attests to the fact that Messieurs Quixote and Panza are alive and well, working assiduously in their gray flannel suites in some forlorn office fighting imaginary monsters.

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