Road to civil war
The Middle East Road Map

May 27, 2003
The Iranian

Hallelujah! Praise the Almighty and merciful Lord, Maker and King of the universe, to whom all honor, glory, praise, and worship are due; that the Quartet (read U.S) finally has decided to publish the performance-based road map to a permanent two-state solution for the Palestinian war of independence.

For the past year the Palestinians have been wrapping most of their war-dead not in their traditional national flag, but in a green motif embedded with Arabic calligraphy proclaiming that "There is no God but God, and Mohammad is the messenger of God". It appears the Palestinians no longer view their own suffering as a national struggle for self-determination rather a wider context of a religious war.

To tap this rapid radicalization and the swift ascendance of Hamas as the sole representative of the popular Palestinian aspirations, here comes the Road Map. A post-quel to the miserable Oslo, Mitchell and Tenant Trilogy in which Darth Vader (a.k.a Ariel Sharon) is preordained to win, while the shrewd Jabba the Hutt (a.k.a Arafat) is to run the Gaza strip and a few plots in the West Bank.

This production, unlike the original George Lucas's trilogy has no Knight in Shining Armor, indeed, no Luke Skywalker. Yet this chunky plot provides plenty of victims, the Palestinian and Israeli civilians whom are condemned to hate each other for the missteps and ambitions of few reckless individuals and lobbyists.

The plan is simple ladies and gentlemen, mark this URL since you heard it here first: The Palestinians are asked to start a civil war. In Paragraph two of Phase 1 of the Road Map it is stated that the Palestinian Authority should "Confront all those engaged in terror and dismantle their capabilities and infrastructure." To balance this, the Israeli’s are asked merely to "stop attacks on civilians, and end settlement activities".

Since the Israeli occupation army never attacks civilians anyway (wink wink) and the settlements are only the wish of the Lord All Mighty, they have already met their side of the bargain. So brace yourselves for some fireworks in Gaza and the West Bank. If Arafat and his buddies decide to go ahead with this mislabeled Road Map, which I have a feeling, unlike Camp David, this time around they will. Yes, there will be Palestinian civil war.

In return Sharon will agree to a quasi-Bantustan style Palestinian state. Fragmented by Israeli settlements, deprived of their own groundwater or airspace, and fenced-in by the Israeli army. Precisely what the Camp David negotiations were all about.

Arafat will then lose all credibility among his people and will rule with a corrupt iron fist. Abu Mazen will be the cover boy for White House meetings and other Photo Ops. Fifty or so years after the creation of the Iraq by the British; another pitiful Arab nation ruled by a sparkling dictator is to be born with the assistance and generosity of the West. Raise your hand if you're experiencing a sudden bout of déjà vu.

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