Sehaty Foreign Exchange

-- Down Town Digital: Netnerd Heaven

-- NetSurfer Digest: Web links via email

-- World Wide Arts Resources

-- Peeping Tom: 100 live cameras around the globe.

-- The Internet Roadmap for Beginners

-- Open Text: The best Internet search engine - perhaps

-- USA CityLink: Comprehensive listing of US states and cities.

-- Paperless Guide to New York City

-- Classical Music Home Page

-- NASA Data Center & Photo Gallery

-- ExploraNet: Handson museum for kids.

-- Solar System Live

-- The Oracle Service to Humor Archive

-- James Bond Movie Page

-- "The Lion King" Home Page

-- Meet Your Mate: Personal Ads

-- Any Book in the World -- Almost

-- Newspage: Hundreds of links to information sources.

-- Uptodate Sports from Sports Illustrated Magazine

-- The New York Times

-- Le Monde

-- The Financial Times

-- Time Magazine*XrHEM5wIAQJeR/time/magazine/magazine.html

-- All About Philosophy

-- Association of Shareware Professionals

-- Women's Wire: All for and about women

-- Amnesty International

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