By Kameron Behzadian
Salt Lake City, Utah

Do you remember the summer of '92? It was just another warm, boring summer in Salt Lake City. Angie was in Olympia peninsula in Washington State. I was working a boring job.Who cares about centrifugal slurry pumps anyway?

I loaded up the Volkswagen van with the bikes, all the gear we needed for a few weeks of bike riding, quit my "career" and headed up toward Angie.

San Juan islands are wonderful in the late summer. Ripe wild blackberries are everywhere and rainfall is minimal. You go island hopping with your bike and gear on the ferries, ride across each island, get to the last ferry stop at the other end of the island, catch a boat to the next island, and then the next island and the next.

You climb off your bike when you get tired of riding and munch on the blackberries. Blackberries and butter on freshly baked sour dough bread taste like heaven. Then go for a swim in the cold ocean water on hot sweaty afternoons.

The roads are well-paved and run by the ocean. they are fairly flat and no one minds you pitching your tent on their property. After a long riding day, you sit on a rock, look over the ocean and watch the peaceful sun dig itself into the Pacific.

let's go to the San Juan's. load up our bikes and go riding into the sunset. stop by the wild blackberry bushes in the afternoons and taste love on freshly baked sour dough bread.

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