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Dramatic expressions

Nosrat Karimi, 72, is one of Iran's most respected, and loved, actors. But he has been an acclaimed director and screenplay writer. Since the revolution, he has spent more time mastering what began as a hobby: Sculpting.

With special clay, he has created over 300 statuettes of Iranian and foreign characters. Some of his subjects are famous historical figures; some common people. But they all have dramatic expressions, as if they are acting out a role under Karimi's masterful direction.

Rostam (Persian mythological hero)
Bad Hejab (A woman not fully covered according to strict Islamic law)
Roshanfekr (Intellectual)
Qahvehchi (Teahouse servant)
Sa'di (13th century poet)
Belahat (Stupidity)
Fahhash (Foul-mouthed)
Kamal ol-Molk (19th century painter)
Jeanne d'Arc
Tariki-ye Qoroun-e Vosta (Darkness of the Middle Ages)


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