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When Pat Buchanan, a right-wing conservative, won the February 20 Republican Party primary in New Hampshire, he received a letter from Vladimir Zhirinovsky, the Russian ultra nationalist leader. Zhirinovsky congratulated Buchanan, calling him a "comrade and brother-in-arms" and suggesting they work together to deport Jews from Russia and the U.S.

The next day, Buchanan denounced Zhirinovsky's "politics of hatred." On February 26, Zhirinovsky responded with this letter, published in the May 1996 issue of Harper's Magazine.

Mister Buchanan!

I was just told of your comments in response to my congratulatory letter after your victory in the New Hampshire primary.

Sure, I feel the same way you do about the Jews. I, too, don't want to deport Jews. In fact, I want to create the sweetest life possible for Jews where ever they are in the world -- in the United States, Russia, Germany, France, or the Ivory Coast. I want there to be an endless supply of caviar for Jews; I want them to swim in champagne and have everything they have ever desired.

Just like you, I am overcome with delight every time I see a Jew on my TV set. I want the Jews to have a strong presence in all of the country's television programs, to run all of our newspapers, magazines, and publishing houses. I want only Jews to be bankers and presidents of corporations. Of course, I also want the Jews to dominate all the governments and parliament posts of the world, and to occupy all the important posts in foreign affairs, internal affairs, economics and finance. And if these Jews want to be president or prime minister -- well, why not! We only need to make these things more available to them.

Pat! Why don't you just go to hell! I thought you were a defender of the interests of your nation. But it turns out that you are just like Clinton and all the rest of the sell-out politicians. Now I see that you love only greed and vanity, not your homeland.

You said, "I will defend the interests of every American citizen." But you are a liar. You spit on the interests of every American citizen, and you spit on America.

Pat, you are crap! You shit your pants as soon as you got my letter. What were you afraid of? Zionists?

And you call yourself a patriot!

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