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Support human rights in Iran

4th WEEK

The Iranian Human Rights Working Group (IHRWG) is calling on all concerned groups and individuals to participate in a weekly vigil in support of the fundamental human rights of the Iranian people. Human Rights violations in Iran have intensified following the peaceful demonstration of students demanding freedom of press among other things.

The IHRWG is gravely concerned about the treatment of detainees, as there are strong indications that a number of student leaders were tortured in an effort to extract false confessions out of them. Moreover, the IHRWG believes that the lives of many of the people arrested are in danger, as senior government officials have called for them to be tried on charges of "corruption on earth" and "fighting God", both of which carry the death penalty.

The IHRWG calls for the weekly rally/vigil to be held in front of the IRI Mission to the UN (622 Third Ave. at the South East corner third avenue and 40th Streets) every Wednesday from 4:00 to 7:00 PM, until the following demands have been met by the Iranian government.

The IHRWG demands:


a. The unconditional release of all of those who have been arbitrarily arrested;

b. open and fair trials for all of those arrested activists who have been charged with any criminal acts.


a. A thorough investigation (conforming with international human rights standards) into the attack on student dormitories at Tehran University on July 8 which resulted in deaths, injuries, and arrests of the students;

b. the public disclosure of the results of above investigation, including release of the number and names of all those killed and detained all over Iran;

c. that those responsible for these attacks be brought to justice in open and fair trials.

3. The unconditional return of the bodies of all those killed in the recent unrest to their families.


a. The full disclosure of the results of the investigations into the killing of dissidents (Forouhar, Eskandari-Forouhar, Mokhtari, Pouyandeh and Sharif) by agents of the Ministry of Intelligence;

b. the full disclosure of the number, names and rank of the agents who have been under investigation in relation to those killings;

c. open and fair trial of the agents involved in those killings.

5 - Control and dismantling of paramilitary and extra judiciary groups who have been terrorizing the public.

We also remind the IRI of its obligations, as a signatory, to respect the provisions of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), which include the right to life, freedom from torture, cruel and inhumane and degrading punishment, and freedom of opinion and expression.

We ask you to support human rights in Iran by announcing the weekly rally/vigil in your programs, encourage participation and support for the people who put their lives in the balance by opposing violations of their fundamental rights in Iran. Also, you can further the knowledge of the public by programming discussion about the situation in Iran.

Iranian Human Rights Working Group

For more information, contact (212) 866-7164.


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