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CEP Nominates 23-Member Central Council

Tehran Times
August 26
By Zahra Abdi

TEHRAN -- The centrist Construction of Executive Party (CEP) yesterday announced a 23-member Central Council amid objection from its allies who said that there should have been an election and not nomination of the council.

Mohammad Ali Savoji, a member of the Constitution's Article No. 10, related to the political parties, talking to the TEHRAN TIMES said the three members should be dropped from the council as they have legal problems and their cases are with the Judiciary.

They are Ali Hashemi, Mustafa Hashemi Taba and Ghulamhussein Karbaschi. In response to a question, Ali Savojji said that it was still too early to say whether Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani will field his name for the Feb. 18 elections for the Majlis.

"We," said Ali Savoji, "will welcome if Mr. Rafsanjani comes into the race." The 23-member council comprises Vice President for executive Affairs and also former head of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) Mohammad Hashemi.

Former Tehran mayor Ghulamhussein Karbaschi, now is in prison has also been nominated as a member of the council. He is one of the founder members of the CEP. The third member is Plan and Budget Organization Head Mohammad-Ali Najafi. He is also one of the founders of the CEP along with Minister of Islamic Guidance and Culture Ataollah Mohajerani, Central Bank Governor Mohsen Nourbakhsh and Physical Education Organization Head Mustafa Hashemi Taba.

Other members of the council include, Tehran Civic Body member Ghulamreza Foruzesh who was also minister of Jihad in the cabinet of former president Rafsanjani.

The female lawmaker and daughter of Rafsanjani, Ms. Faezeh Hashemi who was also managing editor of now banned Persian daily Zan or woman is another member of the council.

Tehran University lecturer and Majlis Deputy Dr. Fatemeh Ramezanzadeh, Majlis Deputy from Tabriz Dr. Esmail Jabarzadeh, Deputy from Mianeh Seyed Hussein Hashemi, former interior minister Hedayat Aqaei, university teacher Ali Hussein Muslehi, former deputy oil minister Ali Hashemi, Metro Company Managing Director Mohsen Hashemi Rafsanjani, Minister of Mines and Metals Ishaq Jahangiri, former health minister Malekzadeh, former health minister Iraj Fazel, Iran Central Insurance Director General Dr. Hemmati, Khajeh Nasireddin Tous University President Reza Amrollahi, Majlis Deputy from Nowshahr and Chalus Taher Nezhad, Tehran Civic Body member Mohammad Atrianfar and Majlis Deputy from Kerman Seyed Hussein Marashi are also included in the council.


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