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Iran's supreme leader reappoints representatives to top security body

TEHRAN, Aug 5 (AFP) - Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei

Thursday reappointed his two personal representatives to the country's highest security body, the Supreme National Security Council, for two years, state radio said.

Deputy parliamentary speaker Hassan Ruhani has been the ayatollah's personal representative and secretary of the supreme council since 1989 and is close to the country's conservatives.

Ali Larijani, the director general of state television and radio, is a former culture minister and has represented Khamenei in the security council since January 1996.

The council is tasked with plotting policy in defence and security matters, in line with the supreme leader's guidance, but its remit also touches on the issues of culture, economics and social matters.

In times of crisis, it becomes the country's main decision-making body in security issues.


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