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Iran court releases reformist editor on bail

TEHRAN, Aug 12 (Reuters) - Iran's Press Court, which normally hears cases to do with the media in front of a press jury, has released a reformist newspaper editor on bail after 22 days in prison, newspapers said on Thursday.

Kazem Shokri, an editor at the popular reformist Sobh-e Emrouz newspaper, was released on 150 million rials ($5 million) bail, they said.

Shokri's arrest for an alleged insult to ``religious values'' outraged leading figures among Iran's reformists who pointed out that Iran's press law only holds editors-in-chief responsible for all published materials.

Iran's hardliners have recently stepped up their campaign against liberal publications which have flourished under reformist President Mohammad Khatami.

A number of newspapers have been closed by the conservative-run courts. Some of their editors remain in jail awaiting trial.

($1-3,000 rials at the official rate)


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