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Student group issues statement on arrests, criticizes Revolution Court

August 7, 1999, (Hamshahri , BBC Worldwide Monitoring) -- Following the publication of reports about the arrest of a number of students in Tehran and provincial cities who are either members of or are affiliated to the student organization the Office for Fostering Unity, the organization has issued a statement saying that the way the arrests were made and the interrogations carried out does not reveal a serious determination to confront people who promote violence.

The statement issued by the Office for Fostering Unity, a copy of which was sent to `Hamshahri' newspaper, says in part:

The Information Ministry's arrest of members of illegal groups and the obtaining of confessions from them was done in order to confront those who staged street riots.

However, there has still been no news suggesting that those who attacked the university dormitory, including members of the pressure groups, have been identified and arrested. Nevertheless, we have seen that a number of members of Islamic associations of students have been summoned, interrogated and arrested.

Indeed, a member of the central council of the Office for Fostering Unity was summoned as a witness, but he was then arrested and released on bail. We believe that the action taken by the Revolution Court has turned things upside down.

Instead of carrying out judicial, legal and security investigations into the bitter events which took place on 18th Tir [9th July], it has taken advantage of those events to further its short-term interests and eliminate reformist student groups.

We believe that such actions are against the advice given by senior state officials, including his eminence the leader [Khamene'i] and the honourable president [Khatami].


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