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Stop deportation from Germany

Urgent Action
The International Federation of Iranian Refugees
December 2, 1999

Bahram Jalali, a political activist, is at imminent risk of being deported to Iran from Germany. Jalali face a serious threat to his life and liberty if forcibly returned. The International Federation of Iranian Refugees (IFIR) condemns the German government's plan to deport Jalali and demands that the government provide him with protection. Jalali has a well-founded fear of persecution based on his political opinion. Furthermore, due to his continued activism against the Islamic Republic of Iran in Germany, Jalali is also a "refugee sur place."

In Iran, Jalali was a supporter of the Sazman-e- Cherikha-ye- Fadaian-e-Khalq (Ashraf). In 1981 when a comrade was arrested and executed, Jalali went into hiding but was arrested and imprisoned for 37 months. While in prison, Jalali was seriously tortured. He was whipped until he lost consciousness and was hung from the ceiling. He was starved, often refused visitation rights for months, beaten, psychologically abused and humiliated, and urinated on. His closest friends and comrades were killed. After 37 months, he was given a suspended sentence of three years and was released but only after agreeing to discontinue his activities against the regime. Upon his release, Jalali was discriminated against as a former political prisoner. Jalali continued his political activities against the regime with Workers in Exile at the factory in which he worked. While organizing a strike, he was exposed by the Islamic council of his factory and forced to flee to Germany in 1995.

In addition to his opposition activities in Iran, Jalali has continued his activities against the Islamic regime as an important and well-known activist of the IFIR-Muenster Branch. In 1996, he became familiar with the Worker-communist Party of Iran and later joined the Party. Since December 1997, he has produced a monthly television program condemning the regime. He has also given speeches, conducted several interviews with the media, and actively participated in numerous demonstrations against the regime. His activities in Iran and Germany and his imminent refoulement on December 9, 1999 have been publicized in various media world-wide.

IFIR calls on all groups and individuals to condemn the German government's plan to deport Jalali to his persecutors and demand that he be granted protection. Needless to say, IFIR holds the German government accountable for his life and security.

Send your protest letters to:

fuer das Land Nordrhein Westfalen
48143 Muenster, Germany
AKT: 5K 415/96 A Muenster (Bahram Jalali)
Fax: +49-251-50 53 52

For more information, contact IFIR,
GPO, PO Box 7051,
New York, NY 10116.
Tel: 212-747-1047.
Fax: 212-425-7260.


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