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History of Iran

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July 22, 1999


There was once a country & Iran was her name.

It had some good rulers, and some who were lame.


It's history goes back, some three thousands years.

This country was made with, blood, sweat and tears.


Throughout all the history, she has withstood wars.

It has been called many things, "Iran, Persia, Pars".


It has bend but not break, fighting foreign mobs.

Each time having heroes, Rostams & Sohrabs.


Ruler after ruler, and king after king.

Some led her to greatness, some lost in the ring.


It was once the greatest country on this Earth.

It occupied more land, more mountains & dirt.


There were super powers, with Romans & Greeks.

This before the Earth was, inherited by them meeks.


It had many religions, searching for soul food.

Their main teaching was to think, talk & do good.


You'd think that's a good thing & enough to unite.

The nation under one flag, in incoming fight.


But there must've been a thing wrong, with that train of thought.

Cuz when Arabs invaded, not too many fought.


They handed our country to men who were no wizards.

For fine dining experience, they mostly ate lizards.


Maybe not their diet help them open gate.

Maybe we had a bad king & in him had no faith.


For whatever reason, we handed' em the key.

We were forced to kneel on our Islamic knee.


Next day sun just came up, as it had in past.

Islamic life went on, nothing will ever last.


As centuries went by, things got somewhat calm.

We managed to come up with our brand of Islam.


Got control of our country from our west neighbor.

We came up with Islam, the Persian flavor.


Poetry flourished during all this time.

Ferdosi & Hafez, Sa'adi & Khayam.


What a great rich culture, that never never died.

They brought back lost Iranian pride.


Eleven steps backward, & ten steps forward.

Dynasty after dynasty, our country on guard.


Some kings were just foolish, and some were so savvy.

Then came from ashes, Reza Pahlavi.


Twentieth century came and, gave us a new tip.

A new sheriff in town, same ol dictatorship.


"When I tell you to lay down, you just drop & lay".

"From now on it's my way, or it's the highway".


He led Iran through war, with some mixed result.

Sometimes healing our wounds, sometimes pouring salt.


Was forced to leave country & leave his son the throne.

The young king was just too young & full of moan & groan.


The world's economy had begun to depend on oil.

Something Iran had plenty, underneath her soil.


Mossadegh just came out & said "I will take it now".

Shah was left so confused, asking why & how.


But he came back with some help, in less than a moon.

With CIA's help and, his best friend Sha'aboon.


His dictatorship belonged, in deep end of ocean.

He screwed this country, using no lotion.


People just got fed up, with him & his SAVAK.

When they poured in numbers, that was not a shock.


"We do not need this shah, we don't need this king".

Anti-shah slogans were songs they used to sing.


In came a smart guy, some ayatollah.

Promised that for water, they'll have coca cola.


He took over the country & you could no more sin.

Our beautiful revolution, oh what could have been.


We lived through crisis, hostages & war.

Price went up to hundreds, for one pack of cigar.


Pahlavi shahs were replaced by Islamic kingdom.

Lost in all this mayhem, the promise of freedom.


Twenty years of killing an opposite voice

Is what we have been left with, for making that choice.


Before Khomeini died, he passed his own torch.

To one of his own kind, sitting on his porch.


And don't tell me this ain't, another kingdom.

Who voted for Khamenei, are we really that dumb?


Now comes Khatami, having new goals.

More promises of cola, to us gullible souls.


He speaks of creating, a new democracy.

How could that be possible, along with theocracy?


All we ever wanted was to be a great nation.

Like thousand some years ago, before the invasion.


But once again we're invaded, by them Arab guys.

And all this ever was, bunch of frikin lies.


This Islamic government, has no more wrinkle.

All that one time was lost, has come to full circle.


Their jury has voted, and our sentence done.

All of us are guilty, of loving our Iran.


No matter what happens tomorrow, the sun will again rise.

And you'll know who was truthful & who told us all lies.


Maybe some day our kids, will taste freedom.

A true elected leader & no God-damn kingdom.


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