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Reza Pahlavi calls for end to differences

From the private secretariat of Reza Pahlavi in reference to the imprisonment of Iranian students

July 19th, 1999

The primary aim of the latest demonstrations in Iran, which as usual, was labeled by the regime as a foreign aided conspiracy and resulted in the serious accusations and imprisonments, was nothing more than a logical voice of dissent, wherein the students hoped to gain their fundamental rights.

At the onset and putting a mask of tolerance, the regime aimed to diminish the impact of its violent and barbaric attack at the students? quarters. However, by summary imprisonments, which ensued, the clerics showed their true intention in suppressing any aspiration for freedom.

Today, some of the most courageous sons and daughters of Iran are suffering from the suffocating shackles of the clerical regime, in jail. My message to the kind-hearted people of Iran, to all of those who cherish freedom and human dignity and are concerned about the fate of these courageous students, is to defend them in a unified voice so that we may bring their imprisonment to a quick end.

I invite my compatriots outside of Iran, especially those of the same generation, to set aside any of their political or ideological differences with the aim of voicing the aspirations of our compatriots in all the international and human rights organizations and entities, with every opportunity they get. Along with you, I am and will do my share in shedding light on the recent atrocities committed in Iran.

Concurrently, the judicial authorities and the law-enforcement personnel, must keep in mind that any ill-treatment and incivility towards these courageous students will not be concealed from the eyes of their countrymen, and those responsible are ultimately answerable to the people of Iran.

Reza Pahlavi


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