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Final call for papers
The Literariness of Persian Texts

23 July 1999

This is a final call for papers for 'The Literariness of Persian Texts,' a collection of essays in honor of Heshmat Moayyad, scheduled for publication in early 2000 by the world literature annnual 'Literature East & West' (perhaps in collaboration with an acadmeic publisher). Papers need to reach LE&W by early November in order for completion of the editorial and printing process by late January 2000.

As announced in several earlier messages to 'Adabiyat' and in other written communications to individual Persianists, 'The Literariness of Persian Texts' will consist of essays in Persian and English of any length on any Persian text, e.g., historical, biographicaly, verse, prose fiction, or prose essas, with a focus on literary aspects or qualities or issues.

After reviewing essays accepted for publication, I'll write an introductory essay defining literariness in terms of what specific papers describe or imply as aspects of the literariness of discussed texts. Contributers will thereafter have a chance to read a draft of that introductory essay while reviewing editorial sugestions about their own essays. This process aims to effect a measure of integration of the volume's content.

Several Persianists have wondered about the appropriateness of the stated topic limitation in a festschrift. The practical reason for the choice of literariness as a topic of the volume has to do with where the essays will appear. The world literature annual called 'Literature East & West' publishes volumes on special topics only, e.g. 'Major Voices in Contemporary Persian Literature' (1980), 'False Dawn: Poems by Nader Naderpur' (1986), and 'The Epic and Asian Literatures' (1999). In other words, because LE&W was established with a specific philosophy and publishes volumes on stated specific literatures or issues, essays cannot appear in a specific volume unless they relate to the volume's title subject.

Consequently, in the case of 'The Literariness of Persian Texts,' I am regrettably unable to consider for publication articles not dealing with a text treated in terms of literariness.

Michael Hillmann
Literature East & West Department of
Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures
WMB 5.146 The University of Texas at Austin
Austin,TX 78712, U.S.A.
512-475-6785 (tel),
512-471-4197 (fax)
Email: mhill@MAIL.UTEXAS.EDU


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