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Rafiqdust to quit as head of Foundation for the Oppressed

BBC Worldwide Monitoring

Tehran, 7th July (IRNA) -- The head of the Foundation for the Oppressed and War-Disabled [Mohsen Rafiqdust] said on Wednesday [7th July] that he was "ready to leave the post to a younger and more powerful" person.

At a ceremony to hand over 44 houses to the war-disabled in Tehran, Mohsen Rafiqdust added that after leaving the post of the head of the foundation, he would continue his efforts to help and solve the problems of the war-disabled. He added: Wherever I am, I will always try my best to help the war-disabled.

He said: It is around 10 years since the eminent leader [Ayatollah Ali Khamene'i] gave me the best opportunity, to both serve and perform my religious duties and help the war-disabled . Today I consider my work as complete and I am ready to leave the responsibility to someone else.

Explaining the performance of the foundation under his management, he said: The economic activities of the foundation have increased during this time and we have managed to find solutions to some of the problems of the war-disabled.


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