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Serial murders' committee asked to clarify cause of death of "dissident"

BBC worldwide Monitoring

July 28, 1999, Domestic Desk (Neshat) : In a statement a group of nationalist and religious personalities have called on the Serial Killings' Follow-up Committee to clarify the cause of the death of Dr Majid Sharif.

The statement reads: In recent years a large number of intellectuals, political activists and political and religious dissidents have died in mysterious circumstances, and the course of events shows that the serial murders were not confined to four people. Therefore, the Serial Killings' Follow-up Committee is duty bound to declare its clear and transparent position on other murders, particularly the suspicious death of Dr Majid Sharif.

The statement also reads: Since the death of Dr Sharif coincided with the serial murders, and some creditable newspapers have also said that the serial killers have confessed to his murder, the question as to whether his death was part of the serial killings' plan is now more seriously raised.

The statement adds: His case has gone through the usual channels, the head of Branch No 1,603 of the Tehran General Court has pronounced to his family that his death was caused by cardiac failure, due to hardening of the arterial wall, and has closed the case. But his case is still remains open to everybody. What was the true cause of his death? Mr Khatami and the Serial Killings'Follow-up Committee, as officials responsible before God, the people and his bereaved families and friends, are duty bound to clarify the cause of Sharif's death without any hesitation.

Mohammad Basteh-Negar, Habibollah Peyman, Taqi Rahmani, Reza Ra'is-Tusi, Ezzatollah Sahabi, Reza Alijani, Nezamoddin Qahhari, Ali Akbar Mo'infar, Hormoz Momayyezi, Hamid Nuhi, Mohammad Nekuruh and Hasan Yusefi-Oshkuri are among the signatories.


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