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Iran court proceedings to start in blood scandal

TEHRAN, June 8 (Reuters) - Court proceedings will begin on Wednesday in Iran's biggest blood contamination scandal affecting hundreds of haemophiliac patients who received HIV-infected blood, the Iranian press said.

The blood scandal, which received widespread coverage on Tuesday in the Iranian media, involves the French sale of HIV-infected blood to Iran in 1994. Officials at the state Blood Transfusion Organisation have also been accused of being criminally negligent in screening the blood.

"The case goes back to 1994 when a delegation from the International Federation of Haemophiliacs inspected Iran's first blood processing laboratory and recommended an updated system to screen contaminated blood," the Tehran Times quoted head of Iran's Haemophiliac Association, Ahmad Qavidal as saying.

Qavidal said that proper systems to safeguard against contaminated blood would also have been effective against Hepatitis C.

Qavidal said that Iran had purchased HIV-infected blood from a French pharmaceutical company, which lead to the contamination of at least 187 patients with the AIDS virus.

The official also told the daily that he is seeking compensation from the French firm. "About 10 other countries have received some sort of compensation. These include virtually all the Middle Eastern countries and Spain."

Qavidal also confirmed that he is suing the Blood Transfusion Organisation for "procedural and bureaucratic violations."

Tehran Times quoted an official at the Blood Transfusion Organisation as saying, "The organisation is complying with international standards with respect to the safety of blood products."

Meanwhile the Khordad newspaper reported that hundreds of hemophiliac patients and their families staged a rally on Monday in front of President Mohammad Khatami's office to protest fiscal mismanagement of programmes for patients.


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