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'Hoviyyat-e Kheesh' banned for "insults" against the Islamic republic

Keyhan Newspaper Website - Iran
BBC Monitoring
Sunday, June 13, 1999

The fortnightly 'Hoviyyat-e Kheesh' ['Self-Identity'] has been banned and all copies of the latest edition have been taken out of circulation. According to reports, the Islamic Revolution Court of Tehran has indicated that 'Hoviyyat-e Kheesh' has been accused of insults and defamation against the main principles of the Islamic republic's system.

This was announced at a time when the staff of the fortnightly 'Hoviyyat' are being prosecuted as a results of complaints made against them by a number of war-disabled and self-sacrificers.

It was said that the managing-director of 'Hoviyyat, Hoseyn Kashani, was called to chamber number six of the Islamic Revolution Court this morning and questioned about the matter. It should be noted that Tehran's Islamic Revolution Court has informed the minister of culture and Islamic Guidance [Ata'ollah Mohajerani] about the investigation.


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