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Conference on Iran 's future in Cyprus

NICOSIA, June 15 (AFP) - Iranian intellectuals from inside and outside the Islamic Republic are to meet in Cyprus this week to discuss the prospects for their country in the 21st century.

The subjects to be discussed include modernity and culture, the media, politics, the economy, and Iran 's international relations.

About 50 of the 100 participants will be coming from Iran , many of them intellectuals close to reformist President Mohammad Khatami, and others from opposition circles tolerated by the regime.

Conservative intellectuals and journalists have refused to take part in the conference, which has already been fiercely criticised in some of the radical Iranian press.

Iranian academics from the diaspora are also due to attend, along with other intellectuals, economists and former officials. The non- Iranian speakers include former assistant US secretary of state Richard Murphy, and a number of researchers from US institutes.

The conference has been organised by the Nicosia-based Centre for World Dialogue, whose president, Hossein Ali Khani is a Cypriot businessman of Iranian origin.

The CWD's past activities include organising a meeting between one of the US diplomats held hostage in Tehran in 1979, and a number of the hostage takers.


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