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Turkish action against Iranians condemned

Mr. President,

One of my colleagues has just informed of an unprecedented event in our history has been committed by your government agents.

I am deeply touched with grave sadness and extreme concern for the latest violation of basic "human rights", to which Turkey presumably subscribes, that I write this letter to register my disgust over a recent border incident where Turkish military authorities have killed nine innocent Iranian civilians when crossing the border from Iran and Iraq onto Turkey to register with UNHCR.

It is also my understanding that this is by no way an isolated incident but rather one in a long series of such violations.

Time and time again, I have been seriously questioning the lack of leadership on the part of the EU to accept Turkey as a fully fledged member of that prestigious organization; in retrospect, I now understand why such reservation on the part of EU is totally justified until Turkey and its leaders abide by the international laws and order and its civil rights actions to match its commitment on paper.

Mr. President,

Despite numerous incidents of such kind, it still may not be too late to mend the cultural relationships with your neighboring nations by preventing such unfortunate incidents from happening, and by prosecuting those who perpetrated and committed this horrific crime.

Javad Fakharzadeh, CEO
Head of the Persian Gulf Task Force
Iranians For International Cooperation (IIC)


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