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IIC warmly welcomes Treasury Department's decision against discrimination

Washington DC, June 15, 1999 - Iranians for International Cooperation warmly welcomes the US Treasury Department's Office of Foreign Assets Control decision that US sanctions against Iran do not apply to most Iranian applicants for US non-immigrant visas.

The new regulations emanating from the Treasury department, which oversees the administration of trade related US sanctions against Iran, overrule earlier interpretations that resulted in discrimination against ordinary Iranians.

The apparent aim is to rescind the strict interpretations by the US State Department and the Immigration and Naturalization Service, according to which most Iranian applicants for US non-immigrant visas were to be rejected and which placed even present holders of such visas in peril of losing their privilege to reside and work in the United States.

The Department apparently recognizes that it is not in the interest of the United States, nor is it consistent with the stated goals of the sanctions policy, to bar all Iranian students, scientists and skilled workers merely to adhere to a strict interpretation of the ban on trade in goods and services with Iran. IIC finds it very refreshing that such discrimination against Iranians is not tolerated by the US Government.

By supporting this new interpretation the Clinton administration is continuing to push for a dialogue with Tehran, in whose court the ball is now passed. This important US move will provide the needed opportunity for greater contact between the American and Iranian people, on whose shoulders the prospects for greater cultural understanding and eventual reconciliation between the two former allies rests.

Coupled with the removal of the unconditional ban on the sale of food and medicine, this move adds to the momentum for rapprochement both in the United States and Iran.

It is IIC's belief that not only the previous interpretations, but the sanctions regime itself, serve only to harm innocent people and create obstacles to the much needed dialogue between the two governments. IIC therefore has advocated and will continue to advocate any moves towards the removal of the sanctions against Iran and the end of discrimination against Iranians.

Iranians for International Cooperation (IIC), is a not-for-profit, independent network of concerned global citizens who strive to improve relations between the two former allies Iran and the US and to work against discrimination and defamation against Iranians in the US.

Contact: Trita Parsi, President,
Mozhgan Mojab, PR Director,
Leah Khagani, vice PR Director,


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