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Mujahedeen vows to retaliate inside Iran

BAGHDAD, June 12 (AFP) - The Iranian armed opposition People's Mujahedeen vowed Saturday to retaliate inside Iran for this week's attacks on its fighters in Iraq.

"The leadership of the movement inside Iran will retaliate for the criminal acts committed by the Iranian regime," a Mujahedeen spokesman said, referring to the group's past assassinations of military and judicial officials.

The Mujahedeen has blamed Iran for a truck bombing which killed six of its fighters and an Iraqi civilian near Baghdad on Wednesday and also for a Scud missile attack on one of its bases the next day.

"These terrorist actions will not stop us overthrowing the regime," the spokesman told AFP.

Iraq has also threatened to retaliate for the missile attack, in which the Mujahedeen said six Iraqis were wounded in a village just outside its Ashraf base, 110 kilometres (65 miles) northeast of Baghdad, near the Iranian border.

Despite the tension, Iraq's parliament said a delegation of MPs would travel to Tehran on Monday to take part in an Islamic parliamentary conference and argue Baghdad's case for a lifting of UN sanctions.

The Mujahedeen's deployment in Iraq is a key obstacle to a normalisation of ties between Baghdad and Tehran, which fought a 1980-1988 war.


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