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Reformist Iranian MP gets six months for threatening conservative

TEHRAN, May 24 (AFP) - A reformist Iranian MP has been sentenced to six months in jail for using a gun to threaten a conservative member of the supervisory boards which oversaw February's local elections, newspapers reported Monday.

Mojtaba Musavi Ojaq, a moderate MP from Kermanshah in western Iran, was found guilty of threatening the unnamed conservative board member during a public meeting in April.

The court also sentenced him to an 80 dollar fine, the papers said.

Ojaq has 20 days to lodge an appeal -- like all Iranian MPs, he enjoys no parliamentary immunity.

Ojaq has repeatedly been accused of making armed threats during heated discussions over the municipal elections with conservative members of the supervisory board.

The conservative-dominated boards infuriated moderates by seeking to disqualify several key reformist candidates in the local elections, the first in Iran's history.


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