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Parsipour's book

October , 1999

Doostane azizam, Salam.

I am sure you are all familiar with Shahrnoosh Parsipour and her books. Shahrnoosh has recently published a book that she had written 20 years ago but couldn't get permission to publish it then in Iran.

I have heard it is a really good novel about some ex-political activist men who get together every once in a while in a cafe in Paris and share their thoughts and life experiences.

Shahrnoosh is also hurting financially a great deal and she can't work because of her medical condition. A few closer friends of hers are trying to use the occasion of her new book to raise some funds for her.

The idea is to sell the 80 books that she has received from her publisher at $100 each to those who want to support her.

The book will be autographed to your name by Shahrnoosh as a token of appreciation for your support. If $100 is too steep for some, $50 and up will be fine too.

If you would like to contribute, please e-mail me a note with your name and address and we will mail you the book. Your check should be made out to Dr. Mona Afari and can be mailed to address:

(The address has been removed. November 1, 2002)


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