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Two armed robbers hanged

TEHRAN, Sept 22 (AFP) - Two convicted armed robbers were hanged in public Wednesday for a shock daylight heist in Iran's holy city of Qom which left seven people dead, state radio said.

The two men, Shahryar Jabari and Abolfazl Khorami-Nik, were found guilty of organizing last month's robbery in a Qom shopping gallery which also left several people wounded.

Six accomplices received jail sentences from a Qom court, state radio said without detailing the jail terms.

The masked gunmen opened fire when a shopkeeper started yelling at them as they tried to walk casually away after heisting gold and cash worth some 30,000 dollars.

They then attacked shoppers with knives after emptying their weapons into the crowd.

The head of Qom's main pilgrimage site, the Massumeh mausoleum, was also killed in the attack which occurred just hours after the last eclipse of the millennium on August 11.

Daylight armed robberies are a rare occurrence in Iran, particularly in the main Shiite Moslem pligrimage cities of Qom and Mashhad. Iranian law prescribes the death penalty for armed robbery.


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