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IACA Mehregan Party!

Join the Iranian American Cultural Association's Mehregan Celebration on Saturday, September 25, 1999, from 7:00 pm -1:00 am at the McLean Hilton (7920 Jones Branch Drive, McLean, VA, Tel: 703-847-5000)

As summer days fade and we receive autumn's bountiful harvest, we all have much to celebrate! How to Get Your Tickets: Tickets are available in advance at $30.00 for members and $40.00 for non-members. To reserve tickets, you may either:

1. Send an e-mail to;

2. Call the IACA voice mail at 301-656-IACA;

3. Send payments to IACA, P.O. Box 71171, Chevy Chase, MD 20183-1171.

Your reservation request must include: your name, home and e-mail addresses, day and evening telephone, number of tickets requested (for members and non-members), and the names of any guests. Your payment must be recieved by Monday, 20 September 1999 to secure your reservations. Mehregan, The Persian Autumnal Festival:

* Persians have honored Mehregan throughout the ages. Mehregan falls around 2 October, marking the seasonal shift from the summer's warmth and sunshine to the autumn's cool and soothing breezes.

* Thousands of years ago, a pastoral people calling themselves "Aryans" -- meaning "noble" -- inhabited the high and low lands of Central Asia, revering a multitude of gods and goddesses. Among these was Mithra, the god of covenant. As the Aryans bequeathed to the world the roots of Persian civilization, Mithra came to represent light or Mehr, because pastoral life begins at dawn. The Zoroastrian calendar reform did not alter the timing of the Persians' celebration of the autumnal equinox. While ushering in an era of monotheism, the Zoroastrians adapted the Mithraist tradition.

* Mehregan survived and flourished as the Mithraists moved to the Mediterranean region and the Zoroastrians moved to the Indian subcontinent. Today, Iranians of all faiths, heirs to ancient Persian civilization, enjoy family gatherings and parties during Mehregan. Observers symbolically decorate their tables with a fire lantern or incense burner, the ancient holy book Khordad Avesteh and/or other spiritual texts, a mirror for self-reflection, water as the source of life, and flowers, fruits, grains, sweets, wines, and coins for prosperity. Prayers and poems are recited to praise Mithra. And modern-day revelers enjoy the delicacies of Iranian cuisine and the rhythms of Iranian dance music.

We look forward to seeing you for Mehregan!


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