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International campaign in defence of Iranian students

The International campaign in defence of Iranian students was initiated by the Co-ordinating Committee of Workers' Left Unity and the editorial board of iran bulletin (see signed statement below). It has had the support over 450 academics, journalists, professionals,members of parliament, trade unionists, students, individuals, and over 50 organisations from across the world. Signatories to the campaigns include:

Prof Ervand Abrahamian (USA), Prof Aziz Al-Azmeh (USA), Tariq Ali (UK), Lord Eric Avebury (UK), Reza Barahani (Canada), Tony Benn MP (UK), Prof H Bernstein (UK), Prof TJ Byres (UK), Noam Chomsky (USA), Jeremy Corbyn MP (UK), Maurice Farhi (UK), Prof. Ben Fine (UK), Ali Asghar Haj Said Javadi (France), Prof (Emeritus) Morris Halle (USA), Professor Khalil Hindi (UK), Richard Hogarth (UK), Reverend Bruce Kent (UK), Esail Khoi' (UK), Prof Basil Kouvaritakis (UK), Ken Loach (UK), Nihar Mukherjee (India), Stan Newens MEP (UK),, Prof J.B Sender (UK), Lutz Sikorski (Germany), Rupert von Plottnitz(Germany), Hillary Wainwright (UK), Prof. J. Weeks (UK), Dr Suzi Weissman (US).

We ask you to support the demands of the campaign and urge you do everything in your power to put pressure on the Iranian regime along the lines outlined in the six of campaign demands.


Co-ordinating Committee of Workers' Left Unity
Editorial board of iran bulletin
September 20, 1999
BM Iran Bulletin, London WC1N 3XX, UK
Fax (44) 0181 926 9144 (44) 0141 330 4316
Email or


International Campaign in Defence of Iranian students

Statement Number 2

Urgent Call

Stop another massacre of political prisoners

Reports from Iran suggest that the Islamic authorities are planning another blood bath in the country's prisons. Recent comments by senior judiciary officials, and leader columnists in the newspapers linked to the security forces, leave little doubt that the regime is planning a large scale execution of political prisoners, especially those arrested following recent students protests. It is not the first time that religious despots in Iran have used mass execution of political prisoners to confront popular opposition. Indeed the atmosphere today is reminiscent of the weeks preceding the massacres of 1981-83 and again of 1988 after Khomeini submitted to a cease fire in the Iran-Iraq war.

The students' protests of July supported by other social groups, have challenged the legitimacy and authority of the regime at a level comparable with the defeat in the war with Iraq. It is not difficult to see the regime's urgent need to launch a blood bath in order to assert its authority and to confront the spreading protest movement. However, given the current internal and international climate, serious efforts at stopping such a massacre are likely to be effective. Under these circumstances we can be optimistic that an urgent, united reaction will deter the Islamic regime from such a crime. It is with this conviction that we, the signatories of this statement, express our solidarity with the democratic, anti-dictatorial movement of the Iranian people, evident in last July's student protest movement and:

1. Consider all sentences issued against those arrested in recent demonstrations and protests, in particular recent death sentences, null and void and call for the immediate unconditional release of all those arrested, including Manouchehr Mohammadi, Gholamreza Mohajeri-Nejad, Maryam Shansi, Elaheh Amir-Entezam, Khosrow Seyf, Bahram Namazi, Heshmatollah Tabarzadi ...

2. Condemn the continued harassment and detention of political activists in Iran and demand an end to the terror unleashed by the security forces.

3. Strongly support the students' demands for freedom of thought, expression and organisation, and condemn attempts to disband independent student associations.

4. Call on all political organisations, trade unions, political and cultural personalities, academics and scientists to join the international campaign to defend Iranian students and to actively protest at state sponsored repression and crimes in Iran. Make every effort to stop another blood bath.

5. Demand that an independent international commission is allowed into Iran to investigate the chain of political murders, as well as the attacks on students, writers and intellectuals.

6. Urgently call for an international tribunal to try those in the Islamic regime, who have committed crimes against humanity. We call on human rights organisations throughout the world to help us prepare for such a tribunal.


Ervand Abrahamian City University, USA

Prof Aziz Al-Azmeh Columbia University - USA

Amirali Aliabadi Grad Student, USC -USA

Azita Alipour undergrad, SMC - USA

Adrian Amid undergrad, SMC - USA

Rebecca Amin undergrad, SMC - USA

Ali Azad peace activist

Tova Bakshandeh Coordinator, Macy's - USA

Sohrab Behdad, Academic, Dennison University, USA

Noam Chomsky Professsor of Linguistics, MIT, USA"

Gayle DeMarcus student, South Bank University, USA

Jayanta Dey resident, Cambridge, MA, USA"

Daniel Erieh undergrad, NYU - USA

Ramina Esma'ili undergrad, SMC - USA

Rebecca Estamboli Undergrad, UCLA

Hootan Farahmand graduate, Northridge - USA

Homan Farahmand graduate, Northridge - USA

Mohammad -Kazem Faramarzi worker-activist, NY Taxi Alliance - USA

Arash Farhadian dental UCSF - USA

Behruz Fatahi worker-activist with AFL-CIO in Manhatten - USA

Ana Fleishman Elektra Records - NY, USA

Armand Ghaffari Graduate, UCLA+C45

Nader Ghaffari Engineer, Intel - USA

Mehrdad Ghaffari Engineer, United - USA

Marjan Ghaffari Undergrad, Berkley - USA

Farshad Ghaffari Berkley - USA

Hooman Ghoulian undergrad, SMC - USA

K Graichen New York, USA

Taraneh Hakein undergrad, SMC - USA

Edwin Hakimi undergrad, SMC - USA

Prof (Emeritus) Morris Halle Massachussets Institute of Technology, USA

Mansureh Hashemi poet - USA

Noushin Hatami NYC Board of Education, HS teacher in NYC

Jennifer Henderson South Asians Against Police Brutality and Racism, New

York, USA

Prof Mir Ali Hussain Indiana Uni-Purdue University - USA

Bijan Kargar Moghaddam writer, researcher - USA"

Prof Sangeeta Karnat University of Massachussets - USA

Shirin Kashani undergrad, SMC - USA

Robert Kashefi undergrad, SMC - USA

Pejman Katiraei Med Student, Western University, USA

Mehrak Khadavi Optometrist, SCCO - USA

Mansur Khaksar "poet, researcher - USA

Shahriar Khandabi graduate SMC - USA

Dr. Lap Ho Mount Sinai School of Medicine - USA

Arash Lavian Med Student, Chicago Med, USA

Sally Mahdavi undergrad, USD - USA

Ramond Makoni undergrad, SMC - USA

Prof Gail Mansouri political s+C71ciences, Borough of Manhatten Community

College - USA

Lorna Mason CUNY Graduate Center Sociology Program - USA

Prof Bjiu Mathew Rider University, NJ, - USA

Morteza Mir-Aftabi writer, researcher - USA

Prof Raza Mir Monmouth College - USA

Khashi Mohebali Graduate , Berkeley _USA

Dr Morteza Mohit author

Shahriar Mojtahedian Grad student, UCLA - USA

Massoud Mousavi School of Technology, Johnson & Wales University - USA

Ananya Mukherjea USA

Majid Nafisi poet, writer - USA"

Lyn Neeley Maths/science teacher at east Side Community HS in NYC - USA

Jubin Niamehr undergrad, SMC - USA

Massoud Noghrehkar writer - USA

Younes Parsa Bonab Academic Dean, Strayer University, USA

Dr R Rahimzadeh economist - USA

Prof DE Rahul Rider University - USA

Molly Razazan, USA

Fazlollah Rohani researcher - USA

Mahnaz Roshan Engineer, Caltrans - USA

David Sadnia undergrad, SMC - USA

Mohammad Safavi writer - USA

Joe Sammadi undergrad, SMC - USA

Heather Sears Graduate, NAU - USA

Shahrzad Sepanlou Graduate, UCLA

Sharon Shahbad Undergrad, Berkley -USA

Hammed Shahidian "Associate Professor of Sociology/Anthropology, University

of Illinois at Springfield

Jubin Shavolin undergrad, SMC - USA

Ali Shojapour undergrad, SMC - USA

Dr Manuchehr Soleimani professor of medicine - USA

Brian Stauffer Research Associate, UCLA

Simon Tanious UCLA

Nima Tavakoli SMC - USA

Prof Maya Uajnik "Indiana University, Southbend, IN - USA

Nazli Vokshori UCLA - USA

Nima Vokshori Undergrad, SMC --USA

Baldwin Way Grad student, UCLA - USA

Suzi Weissman Dept of Politica, St mary's Collge Ca, USA

Shahriar Yashar graduate SMC - USA

Marjan Yermian pharmacy, UCLA -USA

Sepideh Yermian graduate , UCLA - USA

Arash Yermian graduate, Northridge - USA

Sam Yousef undergrad, SMC - USA

Dr Mehdi Yousefi orthodontist - USA

Karen Yousefi undergrad, Pierce -USA

United Kingdom

Haleh Afshar academic - UK

Roya Alavi psychologist - UK

Tariq Ali novelist and playwright - UK

Lord Eric Avebury Chairman Parliamentary Human Rights Committee - UK

Nnan Bashi Human right activist - UK

Tony Benn MP, UK

A Bragga Researcher, UK

D Bullen freelance journalist - UK

Louise Christian solicitor - UK

Jack Conrad Communist Party Great Britain

Jeremy Corbyn "MP, UK

Ali Damavandi IDSOC - UK

Mohammad Dastbaz academic, South Bank University - UK

Mark Douglas Local government officer, UK

Anne Drummond Glasgow University, UK

Maurice Farhi Chair, Writers in Prison - UK

Mark Fisher Communist Party Great Britain

Bridget Fowler Dept of Sociology, Glasgow University, UK

Dr Charles Fox consultant physician - UK

Sarah Green assistant to MEP, UK

Reza Ghaffari Economist, researcher -UK

Antonio Hernandez lawyer - UK

Dr Marion Hersh Electrical Engineering, Glasgow University, UK

Professor Khalil Hindi Faculty of Engineering, Brunel University, London

Richard Hogarth Journalist - UK

Iraj Jennati Atai' playwright, songwriter - UK

Doroth Jnsyth Amnesty International, UK

David Johns Hon Secretary, Iranian Democracy Solidarity Campaign

Ziba Karbasi poet - UK

Reverend Bruce Kent former president CND - UK

Esmail Khoi' poet, philosopher - UK

Basil Kouvaritakis "professor of Engineering Sciences, Oxford, UK

Sattar Laghai' "writer, UK

Julia Lee Human right activist - UK

T Liddle Human right activist - UK

Ken Loach film director, hon president IDSOC - UK+B123

BM Looyeh Human right activist - UK

Noel Lynch Barnet Green Party, UK

Kellis Majeik Human right activist - UK

Yassamine Mather academic Glasgow University, UK

David Mather academic Glasgow University, UK

Tim Mather community worker, UK

Ardeshir Mehrdad journalist, political activist -UK

Dr Robert Miller Reader, Middlesex Hospital - UK

Maryam Navid human rights activist - UK

Arthur Nelsen foreign affairs editor Red Pepper - UK

Stan Newens MEP - UK

Michail O'Hara Human right activist - UK

Lila Patel writer - UK

Dr Manuchehr Sabetian surgeon - UK

Neil Salter engineer - UK

Dr Mohsen Shahmanesh physician - UK

Azar Sheibani researcher, sociologist - UK

Mohammad Sheibani sculptor - UK

Parvaneh Soltani Playright - UK

Mike Wagstaff journalist (UK)

Hillary Wainwright academic, editor Red Pepper - UK

D Walton Administrator, UK

Helen Ward Senior lecturer, Imperial College of Science and Technology,

London UK


Asghar Ali engineer, Dirctor of Institute of Islamic Studies, Bombay, India.

Swapan Chatterjee General Secretary, All India Democratic Students, Calcutta, India

Tapas Dutta General Secretary, United Trade Union Centre ( Lenin Sarani ), Calcutta

Dr. Susil Kumar Mukherjee Former Vice-Chancellor, University of Calcutta;

General Secretary, All India Anti-Imperialist Forum,Calcutta

Nihar Mukherjee General Secretary, Socialist Unity Centre of India ( SUCI )

Manik Mukherjee Editor: Trend and Pthikrit, Vice- President, All India Anti-imperialist Forum, Calcutta


Arash Abadi, political activist, Canada

Nasrin Almassi, political activist Canada

Bahram Bahrami, political activist, Canada

Hadi Ebrahimi, political activist, Canada

Sassan Ghahraman, political activist Canada

Amir Hassanpour, academic, University of Toronto - Canada

Brewster Kneen, academic - Canada

Cathleen Kneen; academic - Canada

Haideh Moghissi, academic, York University - Canada

Siroos Mohammadi, political activist, Canada

Shahrzad Mojab, academic, University of Toronto - Canada

Ezat Mossalanejad, political activist, Canada

Saeed Rahnema, academic, York University - Canada

Dona Robati, political activist, Canada

Keyvan Soltani, political activist, Canada

Mohammad Taj-Dowlati, political activist, Canada

Haideh Torabi, film maker - Canada

Said Yousof, poet - Canada

Hossein Zarasvand, political activist Canada

Hassan Zerehi journalist, Canada


Mohammad Reza Matin political activist - Germany

Utta Abeling human right activist, Germany

Elizabeth Abendroth researcher - Germany

Ebrahim Alizadeh political activist - Germany

Susan Amiri human right activist, Germany

Nastaran Amjadi human right activist, Germany

Arsalan Arab-Loui political activist - Germany

Mohammad Azadgar human right activist, Germany

Hassan Azizi political activist - Germany

Hassan Azizi human rights activist - Germany

Ahmad Banasaz Nuri political activist - Germany

Monireh Baradaran (M. Raha) writer - Germany

Esmail Bahram Bigdeli political activist - Germany

Jamileh Bissoon political activist - Germany

Prof Misha Brumlick professor in Education, Germany

Hami-Dei Dehinger political activist - Germany

Meshtild Dortmund political activist - Germany

Jutta Ebeling Dezernetin fur Schule, Bildung und multikulturelle

Angelegenhelten - Germany

Nahid Ebrahimzadeh human right activist, Germany

Shohreh Ebrahimzadeh human right activist, Germany

Bagher Ebrahimzadeh human right activist, Germany

Vedad Emamipor human right activist, Germany

Zinat Esmailzadeh human right activist, Germany

Mehrangiz Hakimi political activist - Germany

Iraj Heidari political activist - Germany

Gunnar Helberg political activist - Germany

Klaus Henning political activist - Germany

Dr. A. Holberg Journalist, writer - Germany

Volker Hochgesaung political activist - Germany

Moharram Isazi human right activist, Germany

Asghar Izadi political activist - Germany

Sebastien Kaik political activist - Germany

Laura Kay political activist - Germany

Jadwiga Kudlata political activist - Germany

Phillip Kullkoth political activist - Germany

Iyan Kupeleh political activist - Germany

Crista Lohmann political activist - Germany

Batty Macondy political activist - Germany

Effat Mahbaz journalist, Germany

Mehr-A'zam Me'mar-Hossein political activist - Germany

Bagher Mortazavi political activist - Germany

Farhad Moslehi political activist - Germany

Hossein Naghi-Poop political activist - Germany

Hamila Nisergileli political activist - Germany

Harold Powel political activist - Germany

Miriam Russe political activist - Germany

Kambiz Rusta lawyer, Chair coordinating c'tee International Tribunal

Faraj Sarkuhi writer - Germany

Max Schroder political activist - Germany

Asad Seif Writer, Germany

Dr Reza Shahyar Surgeon - Germany

Lutz Sikorski fractionleader for Greens in Frankfurt - Germany

Helen Thomas political activist - Germany

Lurosh Valioghli political activist - Germany

Petya Vandenberg political activist - Germany

O Volckos political activist - Germany

Rupert von Plottnitz justice minister - Germany

M Zarrin political activist - Germany

Estefan Zaver political activist - Germany


Ahmad Akbarpour teacher - Denmark

Sakineh Asadzadeh medical student - Denmark

Ewa Bartoszak physician, Denmark

Anne Ularip Eriksen physician, Denmark

Sten Frobenius physician, Denmark

Soren Geckler Chair, Young Doctors Association - Denmark

Hanne Gibsen Secretary Young Doctors Association - Denmark

Brigitte Gifberg teacher - Denmark

Mona Jensen Secretary, Centre for treatmentand counselling for refugees - Denmark

Klaus Bo Kanstrup physician, Denmark

Mariane Krogh physician, Denmark

Khalifa Musavi physician, Denmark

Medi Niculae physician, Denmark

Dorthe Nielsen laboratory technician -Denmark

S Nielsen teacher - Denmark

Frank V Ocsen physician, Denmark

Kristine Olsen Centre for treatmentand counselling for refugees - Denmark

Manvit S Parwana physician, Denmark

Susanne Paterson physician, Denmark

T Stern teacher - Denmark

Ahmad Eskandari engineer - Sweden


Lean Alizadeh human rights activist - Holland

Reza Allamehzadeh film director - Holland

Nasim Khaksar writer - Holland


Reza Abadi human rights activist - Sweden

Ali Afzali Sweden

Mansur Ahmandbejad human rights activist - Sweden

Behruz Asadi human rights activist - Sweden

Dadash Aslan-Zadeh human rights activist - Sweden

Neda Azad human rights activist - Sweden

Reza Borumand human rights activist - Sweden

Reza Chitgar human rights activist - Sweden

Ahmad Daneshi journalist, Sweden

Ahmad Eskandari Engineer - Sweden

Arash Eslami poet, Sweden

Hamid Ghavami painter, sculptor, Sweden

Soruj Ghazarian Chair ASSIL Committee - Iran section - Sweden

Fuad Hosseinian University of Stockholm, - Sweden

Sho'leh Irani journalist - Sweden

Gilak Javaheri human rights activist - Sweden

Giliyar Javaheri human rights activist - Sweden

Abbas Keyassa Sweden

Hassan Khajavand human rights activist - Sweden

Youness Khalil-Aghai' human rights activist - Sweden

Zari Khalili human rights activist - Sweden

Kosrow Khosravi human rights activist - Sweden

Mohsen Kord human rights activist - Sweden

Hamid Ma'sumi human rights activist - Sweden

Hassan Monzak human rights activist - Sweden

Maryam Monzak human rights activist - Sweden

Davoud Navai'an human rights activist - Sweden

Mojtaba Nazari human rights activist - Sweden

Seiq Nazari human rights activist - Sweden

Javad Nejat human rights activist - Sweden

Javad Nejat human rights activist - Sweden

Sirus Peyrovan Left Party, Sweden

Bahram Rahmani human rights activist - Sweden

Esmail Razzazi human rights activist - Sweden

Mehdi Rezai' human rights activist - Sweden

Faegh Rostami human rights activist - Sweden

Jeff Ruhi human rights activist - Sweden

Najaf Ruhi human rights activist - Sweden

Hossein Sa'di human rights activist - Sweden

Sohrab Sai'di human rights activist - Sweden

Shadi Shirvani human rights activist - Sweden

Azadeh Shokuhi journalist - Sweden

Hossein Tafazzoli human rights activist - Sweden

Hamira Tari human rights activist - Sweden

Javad Yeganeh journalist, Sweden

Sassan Zadegan human rights activist - Sweden


Sohrab A'azami Organisation of Unity of Peoples Fadai' of Iran

Gouven Achem political activist - France

Gruven Adem political activist - France

Maggy Adrian political activist - France

Reza Akrami Organisation of Unity of Peoples Fadai' of Iran

Nicole Ambert political activist - France

Venessa Ambert political activist - France

Bernard Arberousse political activist - France

Ali Ardelan political activist - France

Ne'mat Azarm poet - France

Thamadi Aziz political activist - France

Batul Azizpour poet, - France

Roberta Balangros political activist - France

Pouran Bazargan activist of women's movement - France

Frank Bereahma political activist - France

Colette Bonnier political activist - France

Mega Castella political activist - France

Samantha Christensen political activist - France

Rene Camus political activist - France

Auric Cremieu political activist - France

Jean-Luc delauney political activist - France

Jacqueline Doufour political activist - France

Andre Doufour political activist - France

Hossein Dowlatabadi writer - France

Gerard Dupre political activist - France

Ivan Duque political activist - France

Ahmad Eskandarani human rights activist - France

Sait Esmeray political activist - France

Ali E'tedali political activist - France

Magy Faggiano political activist - France

Ruzbeh Farahani writer, translator - France

Gail Fleury political activist - France

Jean Christophe Fouret political activist - France

Claire Garzon political activist - France

Parviz Ghilich-Khani journalist - France

Rashid Ghilich-Khani Kurdistan Democrtic Party (Iran) - France

Patrick Andre Gioumain political activist - France

Roger Grisele political activist - France

Sylvia Grafarid political activist - France

Hotice Guler political activist - France

Zeinolabedin Haghani political activist - France

Torab Haghshenas writer, researcher, translator - France

Danielle Hairesse political activist - France

Ali Asghar Haj Said Javadi writer - France

Iraj Heidari political activist - France

Hassan Hessam poet, writer - France

Tayebeh Hessam political activist - France

Rene Kernizeau political activist - France

Khosrow Jaddollahi Head of Secratariat Abroad, Kurdistan Democratic Party (Iran) - France

Mehri Ja'fari political activist - France

Alireza Jalinus political activist - France

Asraf Karimi political activist - France

Shams Kitash political activist - France

Shahab Labib Rahe Kargart - France

Martine Lemairie political activist - France

Claude Leroy political activist - France

Fracoise Lours political activist - France

Jean Francois Marchal political activist - France

Rubin Markarian political activist - France

Reza Marzban writer, journalist - France

Bernard Masset political activist - France

Lucien Mercer political activist - France

Bagher Mo'meni historian, researcher - France

Parviz Navidi Organisation of Unity of Peoples Fadai' of Iran

Ivan Nieto political activist - France

Ebraim Oukh Rahe Kargar - France

Natallie Quiniou political activist - France

Pascal Plaquin political activist - France

Azar Pyart political activist - France

Patrice Richard political activist - France

Marie Ranian political activist - France

Bijan Rastgar political activist - France

Gluis Rovina political activist - France

Bruno Saado political activist - France

Fariba Sabet activist women's movement - France

Faramarz Safai'-Farahani writer, political activist - France

Mohammad Reza Sahar writer, poet - France

Mahin Soltanzadeh political activist - France

Bijan Saidpour political activist - France

Jerome Serreau political activist - France

Mohammad Reza Shalguni political activist - France

Daius Tavvasoli political activist - France

Nicole Torakis political activist - France

Gerard Ville political activist - France

Arois Vita political activist - France

RA von herkader political activist - France

Javid Yahyazadeh political activist - France

Siham Youssef political activist ­ France

Trade Unions - UK

Pav Alam CWU - London West

C Allen STE

Sue Bard PCS

Maura Barry housewife

Chris Baugh PCS

Theresa Bennot "UNISOn, Advice worker

Manny Blake CWU

Jenni Bori Civil Servant


Ian Brer

G Brooks FBU

J Brown MSF

Francis Cave coal miner

D Clark toolmaker

Tricia Clarke CWU

Helen Cowlwell PCS

Paul Day ANSA

Richard Eason Chesterfield TUC

A Eckles BT engineer - CWU

M Faulks CWU

P Ferry GMB

Bassy Fitzpatrick GPMU

JC Foster NUJ

G G Gutteridge TUFS

R Griffin CSP

Judy Griffith CWU

M Hanson CWU

R Hudson retired

Jess Hurr NUJ

BA Kelly railway worker

Kitty PCS

J M Knight Oxford


J've Marinio BFAWU

S Meley GMB

C Miller CSP

A Oaks GMB

Peter O'Neil Family Support Services

J Palform ES

R Parfreeman TGWU

Alf Paul GPMU

A Robinson Civil Servant - PCS

Dave Roy NAPO

Dave Smith Engineer - UCATT

Martin Smith SWP

C Thomas IPE

G Turner train driver - RMT

N Vernon union organiser

Leona Vigelle

J Waterson SWP

Jason Webb United Campaign

Cherille White TGWU

E J White woodworker

Shirley Winter Magnet Women's Support Group

Organisations, Associations, Groups

Kurdistan Democratic Party (Iran)

Iranian Writers Association in Exile

Organisation of Unity of Peoples Fadai' of Iran

Organisation of Revolutionaly Workers of Iran (Rahe Kargar)

Communist Party Turkey Turkey

Council for Coordinating Iranians Hamburg Germany

Council of Iranian Refugees - Bremen

Council of Iranian Refugees - Bremen - Germany

Democratic and Freedom-loving Iranian Cultural-Political Centre Hamburg Germany

House of Culture Hannover

Human Rights Defence Committee Bremen Germany

Human Rights Defence Committee Bremen

Organisation of United Fadai' Hannover

Soceity for Awakaning of Iranians Germany

Hamseda Radio Oslo - Norway

Iranian Centre in Norway Oslo - Norway

Iran-Norway Culture Centre Oslo - Norway

Solidarity Campaign for Freedom and Democracy in Iran Oslo - Norway

Activists of International Tribunal Goteburg - Sweden

Andisheh Cultural Centre Goteburg - Sweden

Avaye Zan magazine Stockholm - Sweden

Chairman of Azerbaijan Federation, Gotenberg, Sweden

Editorial Board- Atlas magazine Sweden

Gotenburg Cultural-Research Centre Sweden

Hambastegi Radio Stockholm - Sweden

Iranian Azari Friendship Society in Sweden Sweden

Iran-Seden Research Foundation Stockholm - Sweden

"Iranska Kultur och Konst Husest, Sweden Sweden

Iran-Sweden Solidarity Association Stockholm - Sweden

Movement for Alawi Shi'tes - Europe Branch Sweden

"Peik Radio, Gotenberg Sweden

Radio International Tribunal Malmo - Sweden

Tribunal Regional Unit Malmo, Sweden

Women and Fundamentalism Stockholm - Sweden

Workers' Left Unity Stockholm - Sweden

Abakob Trade Union - International Section Harlem, Holland

Iranian Cultural Centre Holland

Sociaty of Iranian Political Prisoners in Exile Holland

Iranian Cultural Centre Norway

Iranian Society Norway

Movement for Solidarity with Freedom and Democracy in Iran Norway

Radio Hamseda Norway

Union of Turkish Progressives - Britain UK

Communist Party of Great Britain UK

Iranian Democracy Solidarity Campaign (IDSOC) UK

Workers' Left Unity - UK Branch UK

All India Anti-Imperialist Forum Calcutta - India

All India Anti-imperialist Forum Calcutta, India

All India Democratic Students, Calcutta - India

Dirctor of Institute of Islamic Studies, Bombay, India. Bombay- India

Socialist Unity Centre of India ( SUCI ) Calcutta - India

United Trade Union Centre ( Lenin Sarani ) Calcutta, India

Student Liberation Action Movement (SLAM) NY - USA

New York Taxi Workers Alliance (union of NY taxi drivers) - NYTWA USA

Workers Ava (Organisation of South Asian Women Workers) USA

Society for the Defence of Political Prisoners in Iran France


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