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Khamenei blasts "disgustingly sick" Western youth

TEHRAN, Sept 5 (AFP) - Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said the "disgustingly sick" behaviour of Western youth reveals the West is ill-suited to control the destiny of the world, papers reported Sunday.

"Although the Western hemisphere is at the peak of material, scientific, industrial and economic advancements, it has not been able to handle its youth," Khamenei told a meeting of student volunteers in the Islamic Basiji militia on Saturday.

"In Western societies numerous youth have been drowned in devastating catastrophes, namely addiction, criminal offences and disgustingly sick promiscuous behaviour," he said, quoted in the English-language Iran Daily.

He said their decadence was also shown by a lack of interest in social affairs and low participation in elections.

"All these things plainly reveal Western youth have been experiencing severe decadence.

"As a result the boastful remarks of the Zionist theoreticians and the American political think-tanks about the West being in absolute control of

the fate of the members of the international community at large proves futile," Khamenei said.

In contrast "the Islamic establishment is privileged with outstanding and distinguished youth," Khamenei told the youth fighters.

Some five million people, or about one-twelfth of the nation, are thought to belong to the Basiji.


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