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Abolfazl Insurance

Wednesday April 26, 2000
Associated Press

New York (AP) - As many analyst are puzzled by continued correction and drop in stock market, senior analyst of Goozman Partners, James Hassanberg, has made several remarks that might be beneficial to some investors.

For example, he noted, " if investors had paid close attention in the past few weeks, they would have realized that April 13th and April 14th coincided with Taasooaa and Aashooraa. This is the time when Imam Hossein was brutally killed by Yazid's army. As the spirit of Imam Hossein has survived for hundreds of years, so will the stock market."

For future investments, Mr. Hassanberg expressed that an "Abolfazl Insurance" can help investors recover some of their loses. This type of insurance is usually acquired when purchasing the stock. The investors can purchase this insurance by loudly saying "Yaa abolfazl, Yaa Ghamar-e Bani Haashem" prior to or at the time of purchasing the stock.

Soon Ameritrade and Etrade will add a simple key where investors click on "Yaa Abol" at the time of execution. This will enable investors to recover at least 25% of their losses.

By 2002, some of the leading underwriters will offer "Abolfazl Supreme" which allows a 50% recovery.


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