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Share in the Cultural & Financial Rewards of HOMA-TV

The Foundation for American Iranian Rapprochement, a Political action committee, also known as FAIRPAC, is pleased to announce its plan to launch the first non-profit, satellite-based, public TV network with a 100% annual profit sharing rebate program for its prime subscribers.

The first 10,000 customers of this TV network will be designated as prime subscribers and will be entitled to share all of its annual profit, as long as they maintain their subscriptions. FAIRPAC is now accepting registration for its prime subscribers. No payment is required at this point. The annual subscription fee will be $240.

The network will be called HOMA-TV. Its goal is to foster Iran's national identity to offer moral boost to Iranians abroad by keeping them in touch with events in Iran and promoting Iran's rich culture. HOMA-TV is the Iranian acronym for the "Iranian Satellite-based Public TV", reflecting the network's dedication to all Iranians.

Founded on the principle of "collaboration" and "partnership", HOMA-TV will welcome and air original programs made by any of its prime subscribers provided they believe in dialogue, based on principals of non-violence and offer constructive, beneficial and appealing programs.

Producers will be entitled to solicit advertising commercials during their program and earn revenue from these commercials provided they agree to allocate 10% of the revenue, under FAIRPAC's supervision, to charitable causes in Iran.

The network will be launched after establishing the first 10,000 prime subscribers.

Given President Khatami's motto of "rule of the law", FAIRPAC is committed to observing Iran's constitution and its domestic laws and expects the same of all people in Iran.

As satellite dishes are banned in Iran, FAIRPAC requests that all residence of Iran obey the law and receive the programming only if they hold the required permits. Iranians without permits can, however, subscribe to HOMA-TV as Prime subscribers and earn annual profit sharing rebates as well as the right to produce and submit their own programs.

FAIRPAC Public Relations Department August 21, 2000 Scottsdale, Arizona


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