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MP, who questioned leader, offers to resign under intimidation

BBC Monitoring
Source: `Iran' daily newspaper web site

The Majlis deputy from Mahallat and Delijan, Ali Asghar Hadizadeh [who questioned the leader Ali Khamene'i's right of veto over Majlis authority], addressing the Majlis speaker yesterday, said: The presidium of the Majlis is duty-bound to defend the rights and status of the deputies.

He added: I have suffered continuous intimidation over the past two days. They say that I am now an apostate and, therefore, my relationship with my [Muslim] wife is illegal.

Hadizadeh said: The official organs of the city have staged demonstrations against me and allege that I have become an apostate. If you discern that I have spoken against the leader's opinion, please say so, and I will submit my resignation. Why are you creating such an adverse climate that the people's deputies are afraid to speak. The Voice and Vision Organization of the Islamic Republic refused to speak to me even for a couple of minutes. I wanted to explain the matter through the radio and television. I have been a deputy of the Majlis over the past four years, and I was never given the opportunity to express my opinion through the local radio and television stations. And now the organization has launched extensive propaganda against me in order to depict me as a hypocrite.


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