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Judiciary denies motion filed to oust president

TEHRAN, Dec 14 (AFP) - Iran's judiciary spokesman was quoted in Thursday's press denying reports of a motion filed with the supreme court to oust reformist President Mohammad Khatami from office.

"No such letter regarding the incapability of Mr. Khatami has been received by the judiciary," Hossein Mirmohammad-Sadeq said, cited in the Entekhab daily.

"Mr. Khatami, cherished by the people and confirmed by the supreme leader of the revolution (Ayatollah Ali Khamenei), needs a climate of calm to perform his duties, as do other officials," he said.

A close Khatami ally charged Monday that a conservative-led impeachment motion was before the supreme court claiming the president was incapable of carrying out his constitutional duties.

The charge by Mohammad Salamati, secretary general of the radical Islamic Revolution Mujahedeen Organisation (IRMO), echoed complaints Khatami himself has made with increasing frequency in recent weeks.

Khatami has gone public twice in the past three weeks with claims that he is powerless to uphold his dearly-held rule of law and push through social and political reform in the face of stiff conservative opposition.

The head of the Tehran province judiciary, Abassali Alizadeh, was quoted Tuesday saying the claim about the motion was "false, and the person who is found to have originated it may be pursued by the courts."

The president could only be impeached by the supreme court if such a motion were approved by Khamenei, the nation's spiritual leader who has final say on all matters of state.


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