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Mossadegh conference, Chicago

Seminar in Commemoration of the Fiftieth Anniversary of Dr. Mossadegh's Government in May 2001 in Chicago, Illinois, USA

Despotic rule is the main problem of Iran today. Therefore, historical democratic experiences, especially in contemporary Iranian history, may assist the present struggle of Iranian people in achieving freedom and democracy.

Mossadegh's government (1951-1953), the fiftieth anniversary of which will be in May 2001, represents one of the significant eras of Iran's Constitutional Revolution of 1906. Mossadegh's government, albeit short lived, has lasted as a model of freedom and democracy in Iran.

For this reason, a bilingual (Persian and English) seminar will be held in May 2001 in Chicago, Illinois. A number of experts on Iran and Dr. Mossadegh's era will present their views in this seminar. It is hoped that the upshot of this seminar, however limited, will be of assistance to the great struggle of Iranians, especially the youth, in achieving freedom and democracy in Iran today.

More details about this seminar and the specific dates will be shortly provided. This seminar will be open to the public.

The preliminary planning and preparation for this seminar are by Houshang Keshavarz-Sadr (Paris, France), Dr. Mahmoud Enayat (Los Angeles, California, USA), and Hamid Akbari (Chicago, Illinois, USA).

A Web-Site for this seminar is under construction. If you are interested in receiving the Persian announcements about this seminar via regular mail, please forward your address to

Please forward this announcement to other interested individuals. Thank You.


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