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I'm submitting some facts, intentionally hidden so far, which, I hope, you may find interesting:

1. Do you know that the Egyptian God Osiris, who has been cut by a black masonic lodge (they were 72 persons, as a whole) into 14 pieces, to be deprived from his spiritual/intellectual and physical power/abilities, was, in fact, a conglomerate of an immortal energy substances (alive disks), later reincarnated as the TEACHERS on the Earth such as Jesus Christ, Johan Sebastian Bach, Frederick Chopin, Ernesto che Guevara/Brandon Lee, Bruce Lee, Paul McCartney (being together, from a current point of view, a superman). Jesus Christ mentioned this fact by saying in the Last Supper to the apostles, when giving the bread and wine: "This is my body and this is my blood", have some.

2. Do you know that Jesus Christ was called Edmondo in Atlantis?

3. Do you know that John Lennon is "an energy part" of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart?

4. Do you know that the pope John Paul II (one of the assassins of OSIRIS) is a negative copy of John Lennon + Paul McCartney?

5. Can you guess who is the main antichrist: the Hungarian Jew/American speculator George SOROS (see how the family name is written in both directions) ­ the establisher of the "Open" Society Funds all over the world, the fox Herod in Jerusalem, or the other antipode of Jesus Christ/Osiris/Frederick Chopin ­ the pope John Paul II ­ the "spiritual son" of Mary?

6. Do you know that the ex-American president Ronald Reagan was one of the worst enemies of Osiris/Jesus Christ and that he is a just copy of the American Hollywood actor Brandon Lee/Ernesto che Guevara? This is why he was punished not to be "alive" anymore.

7. Do you know that the so called "gray wolf" Mehmed Ali Agca is a cloning of Bruce Lee, this is why he thought that he was Jesus Christ/Osiris for some time.

.Do you know also that the ex-minister of the "culture", the Indian Gypsy Ludmila Zivkova (the daughter of the well known LEMUR Todor Zivkov ­ the leader of the ex-Communist Party), being an aggressive cloning also of the French lady, writer George Sand, and Bruce Lee both died on the date 20th of July. Do you know why?

9. Do you know that the UK queen Elizabeth II was the mother of Julius Caesar in Rome, her husband - the king Philip ­ the father of the conqueror Alexander, the "Great", and the "princess " Diana ­ was the daughter of the emperor?

10. Do you know that the Indian Gypsy Mohamar Khadafi is an aggressive cloning of Ernesto che Guevara/Brandon Lee?

11. Do you know that the playboy Alen Delon, born on the 8th of November, is a projection of the archangel Michael on the Earth, as well as the queer Michael Jackson and the Russian ex-"politician" Michael Gorbatchov ­all took an active part in the assassination of Osiris. Do you know that the French actor Alen Delon was a Syrian souteneur in the past.

12. Do you know that John Kennedy ­ the junior was a Gestapo agent in his previous life, as well as the American actor Silvester Stalone (both aggressive clonings­assassins of Osiris/Frederick Chopin/Paul McCartney/Brandon Lee), and that their mothers were prostitutes.

13. Do you know that the "politician" Robert Kennedy was reincarnated in the family of the Bulgarian lawyer Bojko Iliev (a copy of Ernesto che Guevara/Brandon Lee, like John Kennedy ­ the junior) and a Hungarian girl, and that he was called again Robert, as the uncle of Brandon Lee.

14. Do you know that the Hungarian composer Franz List was Anubis in Egypt?

15. Do you know that Charles Chaplin is an aggressive cloning of Osiris/Frederick Chopin; this is why his mortal remains were dug by a Polish and a Bulgarian thieves, as those of Osiris in Egypt?

16. Do you know that the eunuchs like the "Great" Budha, the pope John Paul II, Paco Raban, Dalai Lama, Shoko Asahara, Ludvig van Beethoven (the Canadian pianist Glenn Guld was his nephew), Peter Dunov (the leader of the "White brothers"), etc. are psychopaths (persons with non-shielded mind)?

17. Do you know that Jesus Christ HAS NEVER TURNED THE WATER INTO WINE, as ordered by his mother, since he hated the alcohol/spirits, as the other spiritual TEACHERS of His rank! This is why, we both prefer to celebrate the St.Valentine's day, instead of that of St.Trifon (Zarezan)­ the day of the drunkards!

18. Do you know that, in fact, Jesus Christ was a KAMIKADZE, like Brandon Lee/Ernesto che Guevara, Bruce Lee, the Russian poet Vladimir Visotsky, Vladimir Bukovsky, John Lennon and some others (see the American thriller THE MATRIX)?

19. Do you know that Juda Iskariot was one of His best friends and departed, because he loved Mary Magdalene, but not for any other reasons?

20. Do you know also who was in the past the Polish "revolutionary" Lech Walensa: the bandit Barabbas ­ a man who had been thrown into prison for aninsurrection started in the city of Jerusalem, and for murder!

21. Do you know

that Albert Einstein was also the BETREYER St.Peter in the past (another of the Osiris's assassins) and that his theory is not completely correct.Do you know that he stated that the Third World War will be made by stones and sticks, but, on the contrary, it is an INFORMATION war?

22. Do you know that the green/gray dwarfs (such as the "friends" of the "Snow"-princess, really exist and live between us?

23. Do you know, therefore, that the so called Tibetan Mahatmas, living in the parallel world as astral projections, are trying to exercise control upon the human minds to share our emotions for bad purposes? (see THE MATRIX!)

24. Do you know that the Lady Snake (under the Chinese zodiac) was one of the "patrons", together with her husband ­ Sir Dragon (such as Bruce Lee/Frederick Chopin, for example) of the NAKED lemurs, called Adam and Eve, who were KICKED OUT of their beautiful paradise house garden for their VULGAR and EVIL conduct?

25. Do you know why Jesus Christ has washed the legs of His apostles: to learn them to keep their bodies clean, because they all, except for his friend Juda Iscariot, STANK.

26. Do you know that Mary, the physical mother of Jesus Christ, was a Virgin only according to the zodiac (as known, she was born on the 8th of September), but not under the Egyptian Mysteries' Code (where the Virgins/ARISTOCRATES) should have had at least 69 different talents!)?

27. Do you know why the WISE Jewish tzar Solomon, like many other kings and emperors, have had sexual relations with a plenty of girls, but Jesus Christ with only one ­ Mary Magdalene? Because they have brutally used woman's energy to feed his physical and mental bodies (like VAMPIRES), for what purpose they turn, as a result, into strong, but negative persons!

28. Guess why the original portrait of Mona Lisa (she was a VAMPIRE like

Madonna) was destroyed by a mad man in Sofia? And why the glass of the icon of the so called "Virgin" Mary was broken, when transporting her to Sofia from Israel some months ago?

29. Can you guess whether the Egyptian pyramids have been designed and constructed in the beginning ONLY for scientific purposes, mainly by Chinese architects and constructors, who came from Atlantis after the floods?

30. Do you know why the vessel of Noah was called "a COFFIN"? Because the castaways have KILLED the Captain after they have been saved, something like the Radetsky vessel captured by our "revolutionaries" Hristo Botev and his gang.

31. Do you know, that the most of the extraterrestrials don't like our animals at all, as well as the football players, but only the flowers, trees, fishes and the humans?!

32. Do you know, therefore, that the GODS have not created the animals, but only have been trying to transform/time them)?

33. Do you believe that the Universe is almost full of LIFE, but at the UPPER ENERGY LEVELS, what can be very easily detected by the inner sensible body?

Regards, Mary Magdalene/Cleopatra in the past (the Snake and the Scorpio in this life, sent to the Earth on the 7th of November, 1953 ­ in the year of coronation of the mother of Julius Caesar, the damned by all Egyptian people UK rapacious scare crow ­ a queen Elizabeth II - (exactly as the ex-ambassador of the USA to Bulgaria ­ born also on the 7th of November ­ the day of the Russian revolution - Sol Polansky, another friend of Jesus Christ).

Iren Georgieva (Polanska)
Sofia, Bulgaria

P.S. In the past, I was also the girl friend of Rene Descartes - the princess Elizabeth, this is why the UK queen has the same name now, as well as Giordano Bruno - in a permanent touch with the Jesus Christ's Father, as was the Son before me! and Ana Magdalene - the wife of Johan Sebastian Bach.


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