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Hashemi "Most Reasonable" on Iran-US Relations

TEHRAN, February 15 (Iran Focus) - Faezeh Hashemi spells out specific steps that the United States should take in order for Iran to agree to official dialogue.

Asked to comment on some Western analysts belief that should her father, former president Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, become the next Majlis speaker, prospects for Iran-US relations would improve Hashemi said: "No matter where Mr Hashemi is, you can be sure that he would do what is most reasonable."

She added, "In the past Mr Hashemi has stated that he would not object to relations with America if certain changes take place in American behaviour." She also reiterated that US actions have not changed in tune with the improved rhetoric coming from Washington.

When asked to be specific about the American behaviour that needs to be changed, Hashemi mentioned unfreezing Iran's assets in the United States and also the issue of fingerprinting and "other humiliating behaviour."

In regards to whether she and her father would support the normalization of ties should these two demands be met, Hashemi clarified that "we would start [official] negotiations."

Faezeh Hashemi was speaking to Iran Focus on the sidelines of a youth rally organized for her by the Executives of Construction Party.


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