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Yes, You Can Break A Penis

You've probably never heard of a penile fracture, but it can happen if the erect organ gets whacked too hard on purpose or by accident.

While the injury is rare in this country, there's about one case a week in the province of Kermanshah in Iran and one clinic reports treating 172 penile fractures over the past decade, according to a report in the Journal of Urology (August 2000).

It turns out there's a cultural reason for the high number of penile fractures that often results in swelling, discoloration and deformity as well as bleeding and pain. A lot of men in Iran, it seems, will snap or click an unwanted erect penis to make it go down. In other word, there's a self-inflicted abnormal, downward bending of the penis that occurs.

Some penis injuries have also been blamed on erratic movements during sexual intercourse, as well as from falling down with an erection. A penis is most vulnerable when it is erect and injuries can also be caused by rolling over during sleep or, in one weird case, where a brick fell on a penis.

The good news is most cases of penile fracture are successfully treated and it's not an injury most of us have to worry about.

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