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Chaos theory

(Iran News) -- The information below is from reliable and trustworthy source(s). I have not included the source(s)' email(s) or name(s), and will paraphrase what has been brought to my attention.

This revelation, if true, is very disturbing and troublesome.

For the past few weeks there has been talk of a paper, authored by Dr. Patrick Clawson of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy. This paper has become known rather amusingly, as the "Chaos Theory" paper, among Washington DC academic/political circles.

Briefly put, the paper advocates promoting chaos in Iran to further US interests. The implementation of such a strategy effectively implies actively undermining President Khatami and the reform movement.

The paper has apparently been circulated at the State Department, the Pentagon, and the National Security Council (White House).

A few points are worth mentioning:

- The Washington Institute is effectively the research arm or think tank of AIPAC - the American Israel Public Affairs Committee - i.e., the pro-Israel lobby.

- Dr. Clawson's statements and writings in the past have been strongly pro-Israel and strongly critical of Iran.

- Therefore it makes sense that the idea of promoting chaos in Iran to benefit the US, should really be read as promoting chaos in Iran to benefit Israel.

- Another very troubling fact is that if George W. Bush (the Republican candidate for US presidency) wins the November elections, his key foreign policy advisor on the Middle East, Richard Perle (formerly Assistant Secretary of Defense under Reagan), who supports this concept, will certainly get a high position in his administration.

I am seeking any information as related to this paper. You can email me at alins@post.com.

Ali Nikseresht


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