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Religion and Society in Qajar Iran

A three-day conference on 4th-6th September 2000 to be held at Clifton Hill House, University of Bristol, Bristol, UK. Draft conference programme:

Sunday 5 September 2000

pm: Conference Participants and Attendees arrive

Monday 4 September 2000

9.00am Registration

10.15am Opening of Conference

10.30am Panel 1: Religion, State and Law in Qajar Iran

10.30 S.A. Arjomand: Public Ethic and Public Law in the Early Qajar Period

11.15 M. Sefatgol: From Dar al-saltane-ye Isfahan to Dar al-khalafe-ye Tehran: Continuity and Change in the Safavid Model of Religious Institution (1795-1895/1209-1313)

12.00 Coffee

12.15 I. Schneider: Religion and State Jurisdiction in Nasir al-DinÕs Reign

1.00pm Lunch

2.00pm Panel 2: Missionaries and Christians in Qajar Iran

2.00 A. Amanat: Mujtahids and Missionaries: ShiÕi Responses to Christian Polemics in the Early Qajar Period

2.45 M. Zirinsky: Presbyterian Missionaries in Iran: American Imperialists or Altruists?

3.30 F. Hellot: Features of the Relationships between communities in Ourmieh in the early 20th century

4.15 Tea

4.45pm Panel 3: Religion and Science

4.45 H. Ebrahimnejad: Religion and Medicine in Qajar Iran

5.30: S. Majid Mirmontahai: Science and Religion in Naserid Intellectual thought: Clash or reconciliation?

6.15 Close

7.30pm Supper

Tuesday 5 September 2000

9.30am Panel 4: Doctrinal Debates and Philosophy

9.30 R. Gleave and M. Sefatgol: The Qajar Akhbari School: A study of al-FawaÕid al-Shiraziyya of Fath Ali Zand

10.00 A. Newman: Anti-Akhbari Sentiments among the Later Qajar Ulema: The case of Muhammad Baqir Khwansari (d.1313/1895)

10.45 Coffee

11.15 T. Lawson: The Reception of Fayz Kashani in the Early Qajar Period

12.00 S. Rizvi: Being and Sanctity: Two Poles of Intellectual and Mystical inquiry in Qajar Iran

12.45pm Lunc

2.00pm Panel 5: Constitutional and Post-Constitutional Religious Developments

2.00 J. Cole: Shaykh al-RaÕis in Shiraz and Tehran: Prologue to the Constitutional Revolution

2.45 H. Abadian: Religion and Society in Haji Agha ShiraziÕs Thought

3.30 S. Yazdani: Heterodox Intellectuals of the Iranian Constitutional Revolution

4.15 Tea

4.45 P. Minouchehr: The Constitutionalist Olama of the Atabat and the Exile Persian Press

5.30 M. Tafreshi: Religious, Society and Socio-Cultural Changes in Khorasan Persia (1905-25)

6.15 Close

7.30pm Supper

Wednesday 6 September 2000

9.30am Panel 6: Religion and Social Identity

9.30 K. S. Aghaie: Muharram Rituals, Social Identities and Political relationships Under Qajar Rule: 1850s-1930s

10.00 N. Kondo: Vaqf and Private Property of Manuchehr Khan MoÕtamed al-Dowle

10.45 Coffee

11.15 C. Werner: Pious Merchants: Religion Sentiments in Wills and Legacies

12.00 R. Haag-Higuchi: Religion in public and private life: the case of the poet Yaghma-yi Jandaqi (1781-1859)

12.45pm Lunch

2.00pm Panel 7: Religious Minorities

2.00 M. Momen: The Role of Women in the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century Iranian BahaÕi Community

2.45 H. Sahim: Iranian Jews in the Qajar Period: A Comparison of Two Incidents

3.30 M. Deboo: Amelioration of Zoroastrian Infidels in Qajar Iran

4.15 Tea

4.45pm Panel 8: Artistic Expression and Religious Sentiment

4.45 P. Khosrownejad: Religious Motifs and Qajar Muslim Gravestones

5.30 J. Scarce: Pictorial representations of religious and Folk Culture in Qajar Tilework and Related Arts

6.15 Closing Remark

8.30pm Conference Dinner

Thursday 7 September

am: Participants and attendees depart after breakfast.


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