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Dear Sir/Madam

I have been attracted to your web site which gives information on the various airlines that serve Iran and in particular Kish Island Airlines.

In 1977 I worked on Kish Island as part of the Public Safety Department and left in November 1978 when the first rumblings of the revolution were resounding across the country.

I have also come across a web site which advertises Kish Island as a "conference and recreation centre". Obviously after 23 years I am very interested in knowing what actually happened to the facilities on Kish Island i.e is the casino still there, is the Island still supplied with de salinised water from the plant that the Israelis built. Did the Airport ever get completed?

I would also be most interested if you have any up to date pictures you can email me and/or a description of what happened to the facilities after the revolution. I in turn have many pictures of the Island during its development which I would be happy to email to you.

I look forward to hearing from you and any Iranians you may be aware of who worked on the Island during my stay there.


John Ullathorne


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