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American scientific team going back to Iran

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Media,

You were so helpful and supportive of Dr. Alan Hale's scientific expedition to Iran to view the solar eclipse last August, I wanted to give you a heads up on an upcoming trip. The members of Zirakzadeh were most enthusiastic for their return and the Adib Center has invited Dr. Hale and group to return to view the comet coming near Earth in late July.

Again, we are working on a short deadline, but the interest and support seem to be visibly increased due to the success of last year's trip. You may visit the Dr. Hale's web site at: www.swisr.org to read accounts written by the members, as well as their peer hosts in Iran. This is certainly an important step in the long process to reunite the people of our two countries.

We will be publicizing the trip in a very short time, but I wanted to give each of you advance notice since you had been so helpful to us last year. If you are interested or have need of information, please do not hesitate to contact me at your convenience. Again, for matters pertaining directly to the scientific nature of the event, please contact Dr. Hale directly at ahale@nmsu.edu.

It appears all or most of last year's participants would like to return and Dr. Hale is seeking to bring approximately 30 members in all this year. I was so personally moved that I am planning on making sure that I am not "left behind" this year.

We are seeking funding at this time and this aspect of our activity seems to be more warmly received this year. In addition to other conditions there, there is nothing like a successful event to generate renewed interest on the second time.

Our big goal this time is to secure a formal debriefing with a public reception here in Washington, DC upon the return of the delegation.

Again, we appreciate your previous efforts and this is way of letting you know how much we thank you for your support. Please do not hesitate to contact me with your inquiries.

Many thanks,

Buddy Chambless,
Development Officer
SouthWest Institute of Space Research

PS -- There is a major national weekly current events program that is potentially interested in a show with Americans and Iranians discussing sentiments on the normalization of relations between our two peoples. This is due to a personal friendship by me with the show's host.


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