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Tehran seminar: "Iranians Dialog"

Call for Paper

With respect to the importance of the cultural, social, and scientific activites of the Iranians living abroad, who form partof the Iranian society, the first seminar to study and identify problems of Iranians living abroad, entitled "Iranians Dialog" isto be held on July 12, 2000.

Subjects and Categories

* Status of Iranians living abroad in 2000
* Cultural and artistic activites of Iranian
* Impact of immigration on Iranian families
* Social and Cultural implications of an Iranian living abroad
* Iraninas living abroad, unity of disunity
* Desirable Iran from the viewpoint of an Iranian living abroad
* Iran abroad, the issue of identity and cultural transformation
* Way of reflecting changes in Iran among the Iraninas living abroad
* Persian literature in immigration
* Specifications of the second and third generation of Iranians
* Scattered Iranians and state of religious, political and social refugees
* Role of Iranians in the political and social changes of the year 2000
* Iranian youth in foreign countries
* Iranian luminaries and brains in foreign countries (studying their social and scientific status, influence on Iranian society)
* Attitudes of the second and third generations toward Iran
* Process of accepting culture among Iranians
* Basics and obstacles for unity of Iranians living abroad and in the country
* Scientific and cultural exchganges inside the country
* Political, religious and national ambitions of the migrated Iranians
* Important intellectual movements among Iranians
* Status of Iranians in the hosting societies
* Religious and national rites and rituals among Iranians

All the researchers, experts and thinkers, specially those Iranina sliving abroad are invited to submit papers on one of the above subjects and assist us in establishing further acquaintance with the Iraninans abroad, and on their activites and their roles on the migrating Iranian societies as well as the present Iranian society inside the country.

Time Table

The deadline for submitting the papers will be June 20, 2000. The academic boarders of the seminar will study the papers and will introduce the selected papers for presentation in the seminar.


Secretariat Address:

General Office for Cultural Affairs of the Iranians Residing Abroad,
Islamic Culture and Relations Ogranization,
Opposite Mosalla of Tehran, Resalat Expressway,
Tehran, P.O.Box: 15655-191,
Tel: 8153704,
Fax: 8842339,


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